Leg burner

Today is Monday so that means that I go to the gym on my lunch break for the cardio and strength class.

I love the class but I have to talk myself into going to it. Now that fall has arrived I find it cooler in the office so I will drink some tea during the day to stay warm but the thought of getting changed into my workout gear gives me even more goosebumps. I know though that after I get to the class and do a few laps of the gym I start to warm up and all is well.


Since I had the dextrose shot on Friday I am not allowed to lift anything so weights are out of the question for a week. I was told that the shot weakens then tendon and weight could cause it to rupture. When I arrived at the class I let Kelly know and she told me I didn’t need to worry because we were going to be working mostly our legs. Well that was an understatement by far.

We warmed up by doing running sprints across the gym and then ran backwards. We repeated that five times and then moved to low squat side shuffles back and forth of the gym repeated four times. That was just the start of the leg burn.

Below is the workout the Kelly had us do. Some things I varied up just to make sure I didn’t hurt my shoulder.


So while the others did burpees I did 30 tuck jumps. Instead of mountain climbers in the plank like position I did mountain climbers standing up. Those weren’t hard after all the tuck jumps I had done…yeah right.

Push ups were changed to side lunges and side planks changed to standing oblique crunches. I love how Kelly can find things for me to do so I am still able to take part in the class.

My legs were tired by the time I was done class but I was happy and warm.

Kelly and I chatted for a few minutes about how she got started in personal training and gave me some advice. Next step for my goal is taking First Aid and CPR on November 9th. I’m quite excited to get started.

Have you talked yourself out of going to a class before? Or how have you talked yourself into going?

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