Small steps for big rewards

Yesterday at work, my co-worker Samantha said that she was going to go do “my stairs” in the morning and asked if I would be there? At the time I hadn’t planned what I would do for a workout so said that I would go.

This morning Samantha picked me up a little before 6:00am and we headed to the stairs off Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. I had told her yesterday that she would need to bring a light of some sort because it was pitch black and that would be the only way that she would be able to see the stairs. She brought her bike light and it was amazing. A few times she directed it towards the moon and it was like the beam of her light was touching the moon through the thick fog.

When we arrived at the stairs I placed 12 stones on the log and set an hour on my watch. I didn’t know how long we would be there but we had enough time for an hour workout before we needed to head to work. I asked Sam if she wanted to place stones on the log too and she said no. Later she said that she would aim for four sets and then see how she felt. That was fair considering it was her first time at this set of “fun”.

Samantha and I
Samantha and I

I walked with her for the first set so she could see what they were like and know where they ended. We then made our way down together partway and I then ventured on my own to the bottom. I encouraged her as she went up and down and as she started to feel wobbly legs I suggested some things that she could do to work her upper body. I mentioned doing things like push-ups or tricep dips on the stairs. She even took my advice and did a few.

After a half hour of stair repeats I knew Sam was probably done and I didn’t want her to over do it on her first time there. I suggested to her that we walk to the top of the stairs and then walk through the subdivision on the other side. Once we got off the trail we would be going down hill and I knew that she was good with that. We headed out and walked through some of Sun Estates and then headed back up the hill…that part she wasn’t so fond of. As we went along I noticed that she had her hands on her hips going up hill. I didn’t think that it would help her so I suggested moving her arms back and forth to power up the hill.

We made it back to the top of the subdivision, down the stairs and back to Sam’s car. We were out an hour and we both felt good. I am sure that Sam will be sore tomorrow in her calves and maybe even her quads. She did six repeats and I am very happy with her hard work.

I felt good because I had done some exercise and I was out in the fresh air. I also felt good because doing what I did today is something that I would like to do as a personal trainer. I would like to take people out to explore new areas and push them outside of their comfort zone. I want to make them work hard but I also don’t push them past the point that they don’t want to do it again. Small steps towards big improvements I think is the way to go. Going too strong, too fast and you lose people.

What do you think?


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