An “Ahhhh!” moment

Each day when Huli and I leave Royal Roads we climb up Serpentine Road. It is a narrow, hilly road but it is the quickest way for me to get home. Today though I had to stop and admire beauty that made me say “Ahhhh!” as I was riding home.

We had fog again today in Victoria but the sun was shining as well. From the bottom of the hill you couldn’t see the sun through the fog but as I climbed the hill I saw it pretty clearly. The sun looked like it had exploded and the rays from it were being branching out through the fog. The rays of sun looked like they were touching everything in every direction. It was so amazing to me.

I was lucky today because I took Warren’s Canon camera to work to take some pictures for one of my coworkers and I was able to capture the beauty on his camera instead of using my phone.

I wanted to share a few of the pictures I took and to show you what I saw today.

Sun bursting through the trees
Sun bursting through the trees
So don't capture the beauty like seeing in person
So pretty…pictures don’t capture the beauty like seeing in person
Perfectness & Huli
Perfectness & Huli

When you get those “Ahhhh!” moments do you stop and try to capture it or cruise on by?


8 thoughts on “An “Ahhhh!” moment

  1. I have had many running moments where the sun rising or setting or fog or rainbows or frosty mornings or snowy days are all so beautiful I want to shout in people’s windows to get out of bed and enjoy it. Pictures don’t work. And I am too lazy to carry my 6 pound blackberry. Great post. Love your first picture.


    1. I agree that pictures don’t capture the beauty like seeing it in person and I want to get people out of bed. But sometimes I think they are the night owls and perhaps they see the great things like meteor showers that I am in bed for and don’t see.

      Thanks Erinn.


  2. Gorgeous Kyla, such a beautiful time of year when the sun is so low in the sky. Driving home every night is breathtaking. It surprises me sometimes to look around at the other drivers and many are lap surfing or whatever, but too few are looking around and seeing the splendor. Thanks for sharing your splendor.


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