Fall Hike of Mount Wells

SignEarlier in the week I asked Tanya if she wanted to hiking and suggested possible days to go. She could choose from Thursday, Saturday and/or Sunday. She chose this evening and then again on Saturday. We hadn’t hiked together since we did part of the Juan de Fuca trail so it was time we went out again.

Tonight we wanted to find a hike close by so we could make the most of the daylight so we went to Mount Wells. Warren wanted to go to so he met us at the parking lot after he was done work and we all headed up together.

Mount Wells isn’t along hike but in some places it can really get your heart rate going. I was good with the shorter hike because I decided today was my rest day or at least an easier day for me. My legs are still sore from my Monday’s boot camp class and are tired from last nights hill repeats we did at run club. I wanted to be outside though enjoying the crisp fall air and catching up with Tanya.

Me and my sunset
Me and my sunset
Sunset reflecting off the trees as Tanya and Warren make their way down the mountain.
Sunset reflecting off the trees as Tanya and Warren make their way down the mountain.

It was a bit cool when we started but once we started the climb my mittens came off and one of my long-sleeved shirts. Yes, I had two on and a t-shirt along with arm bands because I get cold easily. As we reached the first peak the sun was setting beside Mount McDonald and it was so pretty. Warren said to Tanya once we reached the top, “Kyla says ‘Everything the light touches is our kingdom.'” and just as he said it I was thinking it.

It was a great evening to be out, have some laughs and be out moving instead of in sitting in front of the TV. It was only an hour but it was fun.

 How did you spend your Thursday evening?







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