It’s just about being out…

Yesterday I headed out early to go for a run before work and I was looking forward to going. I had lots of time and I set my watch for an hour and twenty minutes. It was foggy but warm so I only had my arm bands and a t-shirt on.

About five minutes into my run I looked down at my watch to check my pace. My body was starting to feel warmed up and I wanted to know what I was running. It read 5:45/km and I was a bit surprised by that. I felt like I was running a bit faster but I guess not. So, I started thinking more about picking up my knees as I ran and quickening my step. It worked and when I checked my pace again a little bit later I was running around 5:19/km.

SlowFor the first twenty minutes or so I watched my pace and wasn’t enjoying my run. This wasn’t the run that I was looking forward to having and I wanted a run that was enjoyable. So, I decided I would stop looking at my watch and just ran. I listened to my music and just enjoyed my surroundings. I like the way that I can see the mist of the fog in the beam of my headlamp. I like that when the song “Roar” by Katy Perry came on I could run along and sing to it without anyone hearing me. I also like that when the line “I am the Champion and your going to hear me roar.” comes on I can put my arms up like I am a champion and it motivates me to run. It is silly and I love it. The darkness can be my friend.

An hour and fifteen minutes had gone by and I had run 14km. My run turned into being a great one and a fun one. It turned into everything that I wanted once I let go of worry about how fast or slow I was going. The run was for me and not anyone else. I am not an Olympian and have a coach telling me I need to run “this fast” so my training stays on pace. (Excuse the pun.) I am just a girl out for exercise and for the love of running. The run was for me not anyone else.

So, the next time you are out for a run and you think you are going too slow; just let yourself. Enjoy the fact that you can be out running, that your legs will allow you to and the fact that you are being active. You will enjoy your run more and come back home with the feeling that you were looking for instead of being upset. Tomorrow is another day.

Have you ever just let yourself have a slow run?



6 thoughts on “It’s just about being out…

  1. First off.. 5:45 is not slow!!! Love this post as I relate to it every morning. Also love that you love roar. I sing it out loud and do crazy arm waves and Kendra thinks I’m crazy. I am always pushing to go faster and sometimes wonder why not slow down and just enjoy. Have a lovely day!


    1. Erinn,

      Glad you liked this post.

      You are right and 5:45 is not slow but I had been running faster earlier in the week so compared to that it felt it.

      Waving arms and singing are fun and help you to think about something else when a body part may hurt.

      Maybe when run tomorrow run a little slower…

      Enjoy your day too.


  2. this last year has been all about the slow runs! I was running races a lot the past few years and putting a ton of pressure on myself and I realized that it was taking the fun out of running for me. this past year I haven’t put my garmin on at all and hubs and I run for exercise and for the run of running…it’s been awesome! I know I’ve lost all my speed but that’s ok by me!


    1. Hi Cindy,
      Good for you guys for going out and not worrying about time or pace. That is great.

      I have found that I will do that once and awhile. Exercise without my watch and just be out for the run or the hike or whatever it is. I have enjoyed it.

      I think if you wanted to run for speed again you could get it back sooner than you think.

      Happy running and thanks for stopping by.


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