Planned Motivation

Glam Rock Star and Hippy
Glam Rock Star and Hippy

Yesterday, Warren and I were a bit tired in the morning from our late night on Friday because we went to a Halloween party. We have been together almost six years and it was our first. We got dressed up as a hippy and a glam rock star and had fun with some of our friends.

I knew we would be tired on Saturday and not feel like doing much so I made plans earlier in the week to hike with Tanya. Some of you are probably wondering why and my response would be because “I know Warren and myself.”

I love being active, which you have read, but I knew that we would both be tired and unmotivated. Saturday was a day when I needed the extra push to get myself out the door to do something and since Warren wouldn’t have wanted to do something I would have followed suit.

So, I made plans on purpose with Tanya. I knew that she would go hiking and I would have no choice not to go. I am not the type to cancel plans once they have been made.

She met us at the house at 9:00am and we headed to Mount Work. She had never been there before and it had been some time since Warren and I had hiked it. There are two entrances to this hike and we parked at the entrance just off Munn Road. The morning was grey but it wasn’t too cold and once we started moving we warmed up quickly.

Just some of the mushrooms we saw
Just some of the mushrooms we saw

Along the way we saw tons of mushrooms. I had never seen so many and various kinds. We stopped to admire a few along the way and take some pictures. We met some people along the hike but for the most part it was just the three of us.

We reached the summit of 450 meters and we had been hiking and stopping for pictures for about an hour. The hike hadn’t been too bad but there were some steep parts. When asked if we were going to continue on or head back I suggested that we take the trail to the Durance Lake Road parking lot. All were game and we headed off.  Past the summit the trail started to go downhill…shocker eh? That was fine and well but when we turned around to come back it was a hard climb going back up the hill. I had to stop a few times and let the burning feeling leave from my legs.

We were out for about three hours and by the time we got back to the car we felt refreshed and a bit more tired but in a good way. It was good for us to get out and enjoy the morning. We came home and made some lunch and then just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Have you planned something active for yourself the next day after being out late? Were you happy you did it?


2 thoughts on “Planned Motivation

  1. Good plan: I did the same at a recent Hen weekend- if I hadn’t planned a run the next day, it would have become an exercise-free weekend! Your hike sounded really good!


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