Thank you Run Club

Last night was run club night just like every Wednesday night is. I started run club in January this year and I haven’t missed too many Wednesday nights. If someone wants to do something through the week I will let them know I can’t do Wednesday’s and do my best to plan around them. I am a morning person for working out so run club is typically the only workout I do in evening because I meet a group and they motivate. They encourage and push me to run faster and harder.

When I came home yesterday I didn’t want to go to run club and just wanted to stay home. I had been cold most of the day, it was Victoria “winter” grey outside and it was starting to rain by the time I got home. So, the thought of changing into my running gear made me feel cold again and then I had to go outside in the spitting rain…ah, no thanks I was thinking.

My Superstar and I
My Superstar and I

Warren hasn’t been going to run with me on Wednesday nights the last few weeks because he said he doesn’t like running in the dark now. When I came home though I was hoping he would be going and that would be the push that I needed to go. That wasn’t the case because I found him doing a workout already.

So, upstairs I went and to get dressed to run. I was going even though the couch called my name. I was going because I knew that once I got to the store and started chatting with the group I would be good to go. I was going because I was only hurting myself by not going. I was going because I love to run and it would be just what I needed.

It ended up that Warren came with me and we arrived at the store around 6:00pm. Mike told us that we were running Langvista Road, which is a really long hill and we would run up it for two minutes and then a recovery run down. We were to run the hill four to six times and that was it. Typically when we run that hill we run for 60 seconds up and the recovery jog down and then a quick 800 meter loop.

We did our warm up run to the starting point and a few people started doing their technical drills. I decided I just needed to get started so off I went up the hill. I wanted to start before the others because Mike had given us the option of four to six repeats and I knew I wanted to push myself to do six. I had heard some of the runners say that they would only do four so if I got close to one repeat ahead then when they stopped I would only have one more to do. It then wouldn’t seem so bad.

Warren did five repeats and pushed himself past the three repeats that he said he was going to do. I am glad that he went and he said he felt good while he was running. I completed the six hill repeats and felt good doing so. I was glad that I went running. I was glad that I pushed myself out the door. I am glad that I have the run club there for me to encourage me on days when I need it most. I am also glad that I have Warren who went out running because of me. He is my superstar.

Who do you have to encourage and motivate you on days when you need it the most?


2 thoughts on “Thank you Run Club

  1. oh too funny! i live on a subdivision just off langvista so i go up that hill and have done repeats on it as well when i couldn’t get to run clinic (i used to run out of pen run)…it is a tough hill, the first bit is steep and then it levels out a bit but it’s a great one! one day when i told a friend i walked home, she incredulously asked if i walked up the hill and i said yeah…she asked “did you pack a lunch?!” haha!


    1. The end of your comment made me laugh. Packing a lunch or a snack might not be a bad idea. haha

      We don’t live too far from each other then. If you ever want to meet and go for an easy run one day or even a walk I would like that. Or we could even do hill repeats. 🙂

      Hope you had a good weekend Cindy.


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