Mudd, Sweat, Tears

This morning Warren and I took part in the Mudd, Sweat, Tears Halloween Edition at Western Speedway. We started the event at 9:00am and were in the first heat to go through. We were asked to arrive an hour ahead of time so we could get our race bibs and hand in our waivers.

View from the car window...blah!
View from the car window…blah!

When we left the house it was raining pretty hard outside but the temperature said 9 degrees. That wasn’t so bad and could have been worse. We decided to wear our t-shirts that we wore when we did Tough Mudder Whistler back in 2012. We did that event with Grace and Marlin and our team name was “That’s What She Said.” So, today when I put on the shirt on again it made me think back to the fun weekend we had together.

We picked up our kits and then went back to sit in the car where it was warmer. They had patio heaters inside and everyone was standing around them staying warm. The only part was as soon as you left the heater you were colder than you were before. So, as we sat in the car we played some tunes and thought about how nice it would be to back at home with the kiddos snuggled up warm.

A little before 9:00am we made our way out to the start line. We didn’t have any expectations for this event

Peeps enjoy the heaters
Peeps enjoy the heaters

and we were doing it for fun instead of our typical competitive mode. As we stood at the start the group of us were jumping around to stay warm. The wind had picked up along with the rain and it was a bot more miserable than before. As the announcer counted down the minutes we had left to wait someone said “Can’t we just go?” and I was thinking the same thing.

We were counted down and then we were off down the race track to the first obstacle. There were some bails of hay stacked in front of a car that you had to climb up and then over to get on a cargo container. Once on the cargo container there was a mesh ladder like thing you had to climb over to get to another cargo container.

After a short run on the track we followed the markers that lead us towards the muddy section. We weaved our way through going up and over the little hills of the course. Warren was in front of me and he was for the entire event but kept making sure that I was close by. He excels at trail running and the majority of this event was just that. I on the other hand am a bit more cautious when I run trails and it didn’t help that I was wearing my old sneakers that didn’t have the best tread.  As Warren ran up the hills I would see his feet slide in the mud. I was laughing a bit as I went up them because I was doing the same.

It's blurry but you can still see some of the mud we had to run through
It’s blurry but you can still see some of the mud we had to run through

After running for about 10 minutes we arrived at some more obstacles. First there was a tire that was a attached to a rope and stick in the ground.  We were told by a volunteer that we had to drag the tire out as far as the rope went and then drag it back. While I was doing it though the volunteer looked familiar to me. I thought it was a girl that I follow on Twitter and Instagram so I asked her if her name was Chrysta and she said “Yes.” I then told her who I was. I think it is so neat when you meet someone in person like that who you chat with online.

Once we completed that obstacle we then had to pick up a rock and make a big loop around a tree with the rock back to the starting point. After a short run to the next station we came to a narrow beam that we had to get across and it was over water. I started out walking it and did well until the midway point. With the wind blowing and more people coming on the beam up from behind I fell off. Thankfully the water wasn’t deep and only to my knees. I got back on but this time sat down to get myself across.

Warren making his way out from under the barb wire fencing
Warren making his way out from under the barbed wire fencing

Next obstacle was a rope across the water that you had to shimmy your way over. Warren attempted it but because he had shorts on the rope burned his legs as he went across. I took one look at what he was doing and knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold on for the length of time I would need to. So, we took the penalty and did 15 push ups, 15 burpees and 15 squats. There was no one though watching the obstacle so you could have very easily just passed on it and kept going. You had to use the honor system and you were only cheating yourself if you didn’t do them.

Once we finished those we found the long way around the water and we were faced with barbed wire fencing over mud. YAY! So, down we went but it ended up that we could go under them on our hands and knees and not our bellies. The dirt was not soft like sand and had lots of pebbles and sticks in it so that just made going through it a bit more fun.

We headed back up the hill to more trail running and weaved our way back to where we first entered the trail. We probably run for about 15-20 minutes and just before we came out to the trail head I rolled my ankle and felt things “crunch”. I had rolled my ankle a few times earlier but they weren’t anything more than I usually do. Even a guy behind me at one point after rolling my ankle on a rock said “Wow, strong ankles”. But this roll was one that stopped me. It sent pain through my leg and I told Warren I need to give it a minute. I stopped and then once I thought I could walk I put my foot down to see how it felt. I had some pain but was able to slowly walk it off.  A few minutes later, just after I told Warren I was good to run again he then did the same thing to his ankle. We both ended up walking slowly down the hill to make sure we were both ok.

At the bottom of the hill was a tunnel that had water at the opening and you had to go in on your belly. When I looked in all I could see was darkness. It freaked me out and I backed out really quickly. I told Warren that I would need to follow him. He then got down to go though and once he looked in he backed out. I didn’t want to do burpees, squats and push ups again so I made myself try it again. I made my way in the tunnel and soon realized that I could go through it waddling like a duck so to speak. I let Warren know as well and we were good to go.

Once out of the tunnel we were back into mud and then faced with barbed wire fencing again. As we rounded the corner back on to the track there was a wall set up. Warren helped me get over the 9 foot wall but since it was just he and I on our team I wasn’t able to help him. So, he was faced with the penalty. He did the burpees and push ups and I said I would do his squats to help him out. He was good with that.

We then had to climb up two different walls that had foot and hand holds in them. This made things easier until we were faced with

The dirty headless burpee girl
The dirty headless burpee girl

monkey bars. Our hands were so cold that holding on was hard to do and since we both haven’t been at the gym lifting weights our upper body strength just isn’t there. So, the penalty it was.

The second last obstacle was to pull a cement weight that was decorated with a head and attached to a rope to the top of a beam and then lower it back down. We both could do this one so once done we headed to the last obstacle.

It ended up being penalty time again for us because we were supposed to climb up a rope and then back down for the last obstacle but we weren’t able to. If there would have been knots in the rope we probably could have but both of us by that time couldn’t feel some of our body parts. It was just better to do the burpees, push ups and squats and head to the finish.

We made a run to the end and were happy we were done and that we did it.  Yes, we were cold and tired but it was a good bonding experience for Warren and I. It is something new that we can say we have done together and I like that. Would we do it again? I think we probably would but we would do it when we both have better upper body strength and hope there would be sun.

One of the girls asked us at the end what we liked best about the event and pretty much in unison we said “The running.” and they laughed. Probably most would name an obstacle but not the Beattie’s.

Beattie's at the finish
Beattie’s at the finish

Once we were done we headed to the car. We were going to get changed for the ride home but I said to Warren I just wanted to go home as we were. We put down towels in the seats and off we went. My hands slowly thawed as we drove along and as my body warmed I could feel more places that had been banged up.

Both of us have some soreness in our ankles but with some rest and ice we should be good to go later today and tomorrow.

So, if you are reading this and are from Victoria did you do the MST event today and what did you think of it?

Or if you aren’t from Victoria have you ever done an event like this before and would you do one again?

PS. Thanks to all the volunteers and people who helped this event become a success.


11 thoughts on “Mudd, Sweat, Tears

  1. We were in the same leg yesterday! I was one of the “Mudd Nymphs” with the yellow shirts in the bag. So much fun, and I have the bruises today to prove it!


    1. We have bruises today as well that we didn’t know we were getting because our bodies were so cold.

      My husband has quite the sprained ankle and it is very swollen. Mine is not as bad as his today.

      It was fun…will you do it again?


      1. Perhaps, I think they had some first race kinks that need to be worked out, but that’s how you learn. I’m hoping to do my first Mudder next year though! This was a good starting point!


  2. Pingback: I'm so sore.
  3. I will totally do it again! It sounds like everyone who did the morning had a tough time. We were at 1, and by that time the rain had let up and so had the wind. It warmed up as well by the time we started: we got there around 11:30 and it was colder then. I think that helped with injuries too. We only had scrapes and bruises. I’m proud to say my 8 year old son and 12 year old daughter raced with us and even led the pack of us along with my friends 13 year old son. They did great and had a good concept of teamwork. I wa impressed that other teams helped our last guy get over the climbing wall too. I was the opposite of you guys: I would have loved less running an more obstacles!!


    1. Way to go to you and your kids Carey. That is awesome.

      W and I had said that if we had to wait for most of the morning to do the event than we may not have done it. So, getting it over and done with was best for us.

      We have some bruises as well and I think because we didn’t go in the water all way for some of the events we lucked out with not getting hypothermia like some did.

      Funny how we all like events for different reasons.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment.


  4. It was lots of fun but I wish the obstacles were more evenly spaced instead of mostly at the end. Having said that though, I haven’t been trail running either.


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