Day 1 of 30

30 day ChallengeThis morning I woke up uncertain of what I wanted to do for exercise but I knew I had to do something. Today is the first day of the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge that I am taking part in with some fellow bloggers and I didn’t want to fall off track the first day. We were asked to tell Katy our goals and we would accumulate points for certain things we did over the 30 days.

The reason I want to take part in this challenge is because I want to connect with other bloggers from around the world and I also want to find out what others do to motivate themselves. See how they keep going over the 30 days and just in general.

The two goals that I submitted to Katy were:

1. To exercise for at least one hour a day in one form or another. I do something each day but not always an hour. I also wants to push myself outside of my comfort zone of just running and do some other forms of exercises on my own. Things like squats, lunges and core workouts again. This may motivate me to do so instead of just thinking about doing them.

2. Watch what I am eating and cut out desserts and candy. I have trouble resisting candy because it is around me each day at work. So, to try to help me with that I have told my co-worker Lindsay that I will text her and tell her every time I have candy or cookies at work. This has helped me a bit so far because I don’t want to tell her I am eating it. Now is it just a matter of me applying it at home so I really have to work hard since I love to bake and we still have Halloween candy left.

So, today was a beautiful, crisp and sunny morning. It was the perfect day for a run so after making some blueberry jam I got myself dressed go. I was looking forward to soaking up some vitamin D and being outside. I ran for an hour and as I did I thought about my friend Cindy who was running today in the ING New York City Marathon. It was her first time running one and I was wondering how she was feeling. After I got home I checked Facebook and there was a status update saying she had completed her first marathon in under four hours. Whoop! I am so very excited for her.

Day 1 down for me and only 29 left to go. For those of you in the challenge how did you day one go?

Any one want else want to set a goal or two for the next 30 days with me?


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