More strength than cardio day

Workout seen on hbfs_fitness Instgram
Workout seen on hbfs_fitness Instgram

Today is day 2 of the 30 day challenge and as I mentioned yesterday I want to work on incorporating more non-running workouts into my weekly workouts. So, I did just that today…twice.

Last night before bed I was going through my Instagram feed and came across a workout hbfs_fitness had posted. It was one that I could do at home and I didn’t require any other equipment. It was a perfect starting point for me and I was excited to try it this morning.

After I had my coffee and got things ready for the day I went downstairs to the main entrance of our house to star. I put my sneakers on, started my tunes and set my watch for 45 minutes. I only had a small amount of time before I needed to get ready for work but something was better than nothing.

I had my phone open to the workout and kept it close by until I figured out the sequence to do the exercises in. It felt good to be doing something different from running in the morning even though I love it. The workout said to repeat it 2-3 times for maximum results but my first set only took me a little over six minutes. I was going to be done long before I needed to be.  I decided that since I was feeling good I would keep going. I then made it a game with myself to see how many sets I could get done before my time was up.

I went through it a total of seven sets and was able to do one set of 30 jumping jacks to start an eighth set. I now have something to work towards and push myself when I repeat this workout again.

Happy me, my home 'gym', calories burned
Happy me, my home ‘gym’, calories burned

This workout was simple yet challenging for myself. I have never been the best at working out at home but since I am not going to the gym I need to start working on that more. This 30 day challenge seems to be the right push for me to start.

Since today is Monday that means that I go to the gym at work for the Strength and Cardio class with Kelly. I missed it last week because I had a meeting that ran late and I didn’t want to miss it again this week. I showed up at noon and the funny thing was that some of the things that I did at home today were things we did in the class.

We had three different stations that we had to go to and we spent four minutes at each station. At two of the stations we did the four different exercises for one minute each. At the third station there was a deck of cards that we had to pick from and the suit on the card determined what exercise we would do that was listed on the wall. We went through all three stations three times and each time the exercise was something new to challenge us. It was a good workout as well and left the gym happy.

I would like to keep this routine up for every Monday and will work at finding another one for a different day this week. Perhaps Thursday or Friday morning.

Are you good at working out at home doing something like this or do you struggle to get yourself to the room where your treadmill is?


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