I’m a Time Runner

Well it’s another early morning at Chateau Beattie. Both Warren and I were up WAY too early even for us and we are early morning people.

Grey and misty morning
Grey and misty morning

Lucky, one of our cats is still adjusting to the time change that took place this past Saturday night. She now thinks that a little after 3:00am is her feeding time…when it isn’t. So, even though we gained an hour of sleep we didn’t because of Lucky. It’s more like we have actually lost at least an hour.

Since I was up at 4:00am yesterday I made it productive. On the weekend I had bought the ingredients to make asparagus and leek soup so I whipped that up while having my morning coffee. I then got my things ready to in my backpack because I was going to take the long route for my run to work.

I left the house around 6:00am and had set an hour and 25 minutes on my watch. As you may noticed in my posts that I don’t typically say that I am going to go run 5k or give an exact distance but I run for as long as I have time. Maybe one day in the 30 day challenge I will change things up and give myself a certain distance to run. Crazier things have happened.

It was a misty morning out but it wasn’t all that cold. I felt light-footed and felt good running which is always a bonus when I have a long time to run ahead of me. As I started to get closer to Royal Roads though the hungry feeling in my stomach was taking over my run. I just wanted to eat so as soon as I stopped I grabbed my peanut butter sandwich that was in my backpack. I had run 15k in an hour and 15 minutes and then did a cool down walk to my office.  I had a good run and was happy to be done for the day.

Tonight I have run club and we are going to run the Bear Mountain 10k race route

and then go for drinks and/or dinner afterwards. I am looking forward to that. It will be interesting to run the course in the dark and our headlights lighting up the way.

When you go for a run do you give yourself a distance to run or do you go by time? Or both?


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