Bear Mountain fun run

A few years ago when I first heard of the Bear Mountain 10k Race I thought the course would be running up and down the road that takes you to the top of Bear Mountain. When I drove up that hill the thought of running it didn’t appeal to me. So, signing up for the race wasn’t something I wanted to do. I then met my friend Sharon and she used to live at the bottom of Bear Mountain. Sometimes, when I would visit with her would we would walk her dog Winston up and down the hill. I then became familiar with the hill and I eventually started running it starting from my house. There are some tougher spots than others spots but for the most part it isn’t so bad.

Then two years ago Warren and I decided to volunteer for the event and I soon realized that the runners ran around the golf course. Oh…so, all this time me dreading running up and down the main road was wrong. Last year I ran this run with my friend and co-worker Tanya at her pace and I enjoyed the experience. This year I have signed up for the race and I am going to run it at my pace or as fast as my legs will carry me along.

The run takes place on November 16th and someone at my run club asked if we could a practice run of the course one Wednesday evening before it. Last night was that night and unfortunately Warren still isn’t able to run because of his sprained ankle but he was going to meet us afterwards for dinner. Sine we live less than 5k from Bear Mountain I decided that I would run from home to the top. We were meeting at the Athletic Club and would run from there. That isn’t the start of the race but close enough.

Once everyone arrived we headed out. All of our headlamps lighting up the way. I thought it was neat to see and at various places along the route you could look across the course and see other runner’s lights. I was running with Beth and I had let her know before we started that she was welcome to run with me but I wasn’t out to run the course like I was racing it. I was out to just get a feel of the course and be with the group. She was good with that and as we ran along we got caught up.

I found the course was challenging  but at the same time I was happy I did it. As I ran along various places made me think back to things I had said to Tanya to motivate her when we ran it together. I liked running the course in the dark because you couldn’t tell what hill was ahead of you until you arrived at the bottom of it.

Salmon Salad from Jack's Place
Salmon Salad from Jack’s Place

After we finished the run a few of us gather at Jack’s Place for dinner. I had some of the salmon salad above and also shared some of Warren’s nachos. I think most runs should end this way because it was good to catch up with the few that were there that I don’t get to talk to while running. We all enjoyed good food and good company.

Are you part of a run club and do you do social things sometimes as a group?



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