Cramping my running style

Fall running
Fall running

This morning I had a run date with Ann and we were meeting at 6:30am to run the trails at Royal Roads. I had taken yesterday as a rest day and I was looking forward to being out running today and catching up with Ann. Before I run with her sometimes though I start to doubt my ability to keep pace with her because I know that she is speedy through the trails. So, a few times when we came to narrow parts of the trail I would ask if she wanted to take the lead. Ann then said “Are you tired?” I said “No” and then went on to explain to her that I didn’t want to slow her down and what I was feeling. She let me keep the lead so I went and just let it go.

The morning was warm and the sky was really neat looking with lots of small cotton ball looking clouds. We were running for about 15 minutes or so when I could start to feel tightness starting in my quads. I wasn’t sure what was going on because I had never felt the feeling while running but just kept going. As we ran along and we made our way down the big hill on the outskirts of Royal Roads; the tightness started to get worse and was hurting more. I kept telling myself it would be all good and I didn’t want to stop running. I mentioned the feeling to Ann and she said “Let’s slow down a bit.” I did that but it didn’t seem to help. A little after we then stop and I tried to stretch my quads a bit but it didn’t do anything. Then when I started to run again it felt even worse. I told Ann I would get her to the next part of the trail head we were running towards but wouldn’t be able to run with her the rest of the way. I was just in too much pain.

The sky before I came into my office
The sky before I came into my office

We had done 5k to that point and the last couple kilometres felt longer and harder than they actually were. I made my way back up the long, sloping hill to get to the parking lot across the road which seems to take forever. I had left my things for the day in Ann’s car so I needed to get them. Walking up the hill wasn’t pleasant so I decided I would try to do a little shuffle backwards up it. That wasn’t successful either so the slow walk back was the only way to go.

Since my office is back down the hill I found the most direct route to go and eventually made it back. I still have the cramping feeling in my legs and I am not sure what has caused it. Going up and down stairs and getting up and down from my chair is quite the funny site to others. Here’s to hoping that the water I am drinking today will make them ok tomorrow.

Have you ever had your quads cramp badly when running? Do you know what the cause of it was?

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