Safety First

Yesterday I took Emergency First Aid and CPR training with Alert First Aid Inc. I had never taken this kind of training before but I was looking forward to learning. I am required to take this course because it is one of the first steps that I need to become a personal trainer. There were 15 of us in total and only three of us had never taken First Aid and CPR before. Only one other person was there because they were taking it for personal training.

Time to learn what to do in an emergency
Time to learn what to do in an emergency

Warren dropped me off the Elementary School where the course was taking place around 8:00am. We were to be there for 8:15am and the course ended at 4:30pm. When I walked up to towards the front door of the school there was a sandwich board at the bottom of the stairs that said “Find your name on the piece of paper inside on the wall and make your way to the classroom.” Simple enough and I was in classroom A which was downstairs.

I walked into the room and there were chairs placed around the wall.  There were already a few people there when I went in. Once I sat down and looked around the first thing I noticed was that everyone had evenly spaced themselves out so that there was at least one or two chairs between each other. I thought that was funny but yet I had done the same.

We all sat quietly waiting to find out what we were to do. A few minutes later a guy came into the room and he was moving fairly quickly to get things for another class it looked like. He then stopped and very quickly explained to us that there was coffee and hot water for tea if we wanted some. He then was off like a jet. I had brought some tea with me and it was almost gone so I went to top up my cup with hot water.

The guy then came back into the class and he let us know that we were to make our way up to the desk, a few people at a time to register and get a name tag. I was the first to get my name tag and my book and I then waited for the others to do the same. Once that was done the course was started.

We were being taught by Jason, the guy we had seen moving quickly and Sophie. She is in training for being an instructor. They took turns teaching us various parts of the course and I liked that. It seemed to break it up a bit and also you got to look at a new face at the front of the room. Change of scenery almost I guess you could say.

We spent the morning learning the steps that you need to follow when an accident or emergency takes place. Most things are common sense but most times in emergency situations you react before you think. As we went through the steps it made me think back to a few years ago when I was out riding with my friend Margot and she got hurt on her bike. Knowing now what I learned yesterday there are things that I didn’t do for her that I should have. Thankfully what I did do was enough and I had help from others who stopped.

Actar dolls used to learn how to do CPR
Actar dolls used to learn how to do CPR

We worked in partners for the majority of the day and I got to know a few of the people in the room. The afternoon we spent learning CPR and how to bandage deadly bleeds. I even volunteered to have a deadly bleed on my arm. Sophie showed us what to do and how to wrap one if someone had one. After the class though I had forgotten to remove the red crayon like markings on my arm and when Warren saw it he wondered what had happened. I just causally said “Oh! That’s a deadly bleed.”

In the afternoon we reenacted some different scenarios that could happen and what to do. Randy, the other guy who was there for personal training certification, myself and another girl pretended we were in a  “gym setting”. It was good to be able to go through the steps and figure out what to do. I also liked that if I was unsure I could ask Jason or Sophie questions.

I left feeling good about the day and happy I have the course checked off my list. My certification is good for three years and I hope that I won’t have to use it but if I do I now have the skills and the knowledge to do so.

Have you taken First Aid and CPR?



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