Tin Man running

It’s a grey day in Victoria but since I was cooped up inside yesterday taking my First Aid and CPR course I needed to get out and move today. The only part was that I was feeling a bit down and my body hurt. My legs are still very sore from Friday so when I try to sit down, walk or do anything but lay still they hurt. Warren seems to think they are sore because of the Bear Mountain run I did on Wednesday night. That could be but I don’t understand why they felt good Thursday and Friday before I started running with Ann if it was from Wednesday night…

Last night we had dinner at Amanda and Jeff’s and she invited us to run with her running group this morning. I didn’t want to go with the group but I knew that seeing other people could be good for me. I was feeling frustrated and upset with body and all I wanted to do was go out and have a run that felt good. When I get frustrated I sometimes cry so after I shed a few tears we left the house. I didn’t have high expectations for this run but I knew I would feel better once done.

How I felt today running...
How I felt today running…

We arrived at the Running Room a few minutes before 8:30am and we saw a few faces we recognized from running in the Island Series. We met up with Rob and we started our run with him for the first 4k and then Warren and I did our own run once he stopped.

It was Warren’s first run since he sprained his ankle last week at the Mudd, Sweat, Tears event. He said it didn’t bother him too much and it wasn’t until closer to the end of the 8.5k that it flared up. I was happy for him because I know he wants to be able to run the Bear Mountain Run on Saturday.

Every shuffling step for me was uncomfortable but I kept telling myself at least I was out. The dreading of the run and the frustration had left me. I felt better mentally even though my legs didn’t. I told Warren at one point that I felt like the Tin Man while running and we both got a good laugh out of that.

So, it was hard for me to leave the house but making myself go was the best thing for me. I have learned that over the years and some days are harder than others to make it happen.

Can you make yourself get out of the house on days like I had today?

Just want to update my fellow Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge peeps on how I have been doing with the challenge.

I have been doing pretty good with my eating and tracking my food with My Fitness Pal App.

When it comes to my goal of exercising at least an hour day I have pretty much done that. I have had one rest day and a then a course that went all day so didn’t get out.

And the big goal for me was to stay away from desserts and I have done well at that until last night. I have only had one dessert and that was piece of homemade cheesecake with a blackberry sauce that Jeff made. It was delish and worth the cheat.

How are you doing with your challenges?



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