Happy day

Today I woke up feeling happy, not that I don’t most day but today was different. I had extra spring in my step as I came downstairs and I was feeling a bit like a ping-pong ball. I was full of energy and feeling good about the day ahead. Wonder why?

Mr. & Mrs. Beattie
Mr. & Mrs. Beattie

Well, the biggest reason is because today is our three-year wedding anniversary. It feels like yesterday that I said “I do” to my best friend. Warren is an amazing husband and someone I can always count on. We have grown so much together and we still continue to learn about each other. I love that and look forward to learning more every day.

Tonight we aren’t doing a dinner at a fancy restaurant and donning our ‘pretty and handsome’ clothes but instead we will be putting on our running gear. Yes, I said running gear because we have run club tonight. We both love running so we are doing something for us that we enjoy and makes us feel good. We did do a little celebration last night at home with a glass of wine and we will celebrate more on Saturday evening. Seems like we may have an anniversary week this time…I am good with that.

Other small reasons why I am happy today:

  • The sun was shining when I rode Huli to work.
  • We have run club tonight and I get to see Cindy who I haven’t seen for a while.
  • We are on hump day already and I have only worked one day this week
  • Just feeling good about life and being healthy.
  • Left over excitement from last night and applying for Amazing Race Canada Season 2.
  • and I am looking forward to running the Bear Mountain 10k this Saturday.

What are some reasons you are happy today?

Such a great photo and this isn't photo-shopped.
Such a great photo and this isn’t photo-shopped.

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