Misty Monday

This morning I woke up to the sound of one of our cats crying for food. I scooted her out of the room and closed the door so I could go back to sleep for another hour. I was then woke by an alarm going off in our neighbourhood from a car or in someone’s house. I even had ear plugs in and could hear it. Then just as I had drifted off to a sound sleep my alarm went off on my phone. Why is it on Monday’s I could always sleep in longer than a weekend morning?

I got out of bed feeling super sleepy but was happy to go downstairs to brewed coffee. I poured Warren and I a mug full each and I started getting our lunches ready. An hour later Warren said to me “No run this morning?” I said “Yes. I am going. I am just a bit slow this morning.” Warren saying that was just the right little subtle push that I needed to move myself a little faster.

I headed upstairs to get ready and then came down to say good-bye to Warren. I had set 40 minutes on my watch and headed off. I started my Bear Mountain 10k playlist and started signing my tunes while I got my sneakers on. As I headed out the door the weather was a bit misty but it was warm. It was quite nice out actually and I liked it.

I weaved my way around the neighbourhood going here and there making a big loop. As I ran along I dodged puddles so I could try to keep my feet as dry as I could. I am not a fan of running with wet and squishy socks and sneakers. I know some of my running friends will just go through them but I will do my best to avoid them.

My run was a good one and I came home feeling energized. It was on mostly flat terrain with only a few hills so it felt almost easier after running so many hills on Saturday.

When Huli and I arrived on campus today there were some of the RRU staff all dressed in red and white for the United Way Campaign we are running at the university. I was stopped by Santa Claus and was given a Habitat Gift Card for a free coffee. It was a small gesture but perfect timing on a misty morning.

At lunch time I am headed to the strength and cardio class I love to do on Monday’s.

How did your Monday morning start? Will you avoid puddles when running?

Puddle jumping and my Habitat Gift Card
Puddle jumping and my Habitat Gift Card

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