Royal Roads is my playground

My morning moon
My morning moon

This morning I left the house around 6:15am and was running to work because I left Huli at work over night. I asked for a ride home from Warren since it was pouring rain when it was time to go. I typically ride rain or shine but I had left the house without my rain pants yesterday.

It was a beautiful morning and the moon was shining bright. It was lighting up the sky and I loved running under it. About ten minutes after I left the house though I realized I had forgotten my lunch and had to go back home. I am not one of those people who can skip lunch or be tied over by snacks if I don’t have a lunch. I would be hard to work with and wouldn’t be all that nice by the end of the day. I get to hangry and working with me wouldn’t be good. So, going back home was a must.

The gradual hill and bench
The gradual hill and bench

When I left the house again though I changed up the route I had originally planned to run. I was just going to only run but then decided I would do a bit of a stair workout at Royal Roads. There is a good set of stairs by the Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC) and they lead to the top of a hill. I figured I could combine a bit of a hill workout with the stairs. As I ran the hill I then decided to incorporate the bench that was there. I did either five push-ups or ten triceps dips before running back down the hill and stairs. I repeated this ten times before making my way to the office.

It was a nice change for me then just running or just stairs. As I went up and down the stairs I would see staff coming to work. One of the custodial guys, Darren said to me “Isn’t this inspiring.” It made me smile and was nice to hear. Maybe one day I will come to work and will see him running or walking the stairs because of me…who knows.

Just some of the stairs by the LIC
Just some of the stairs by the LIC

I love that I can play and work both in the same place. The campus is surrounded by trails for running or walking. There is a crazy steep hill to go up and down and do hill repeats if you are a runner or if you are a cyclist it will give your legs a good burn too. Royal Roads is the perfect place for you to do your own outdoor boot camp if you just use your imagination and get creative.

Are you able to work and play in a space like me?


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