RRU RRUn Away RRUn Away TC10k team

On April 27, 2014, the TC10k run turns 25 years old. The Times Colonist newspaper wanted to celebrate the run and advertised a special registration price of $25 that was available for runners and walkers until the end of day on Friday, November 15. I hadn’t heard anything about this until Friday when I went on my Facebook page and saw that VIRA-Island Race Series had posted a link to the article.

I then shared the article with my co-worker and friend Kate because she has in the past organized the Royal Roads University Corporate Team.  Typically we get a small team together in a few days and it is just before the deadline approaches. She is going on maternity leave in February so she let me know that it was all up to me this time to organize a team.

I thought about who was in various departments around the campus that like to run and I sent off an email giving the details. I also let them know that they could forward the email on to other runners and walkers that they knew on campus.

I was volunteered to be team captain by Sylvia and I was happy to take on the role. I love to motivate people so if I can get a group of people signed up to run or walk in a race that is five months away I feel I am winning. Today I checked the TC10k site just to see how many people our RRU RRUn Away RRUn Away team has and we are have 12. Maybe this year since we started early recruitment we will have the biggest team yet. I am up for the challenge.

RRU's team members who have signed up so far


Is there a run coming up in your neighbourhood that you could encourage your co-workers to enter as part of a team?


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