A bug got me!

A bug finally got me. I had been doing so well dodging at the viruses and bugs that have been going around the office until now. On Tuesday night when I left work I started to get a sore throat and before going to bed it was really sore.

I was hoping when I went to bed it would be gone by morning and all would be good. But yesterday when I woke up I was still sick. And today I am as well. I slept the majority of the day and caught pre-recorded TV shows when I wasn’t sleeping. Today will be the same.

I know that staying home is the best thing for me and my co-workers but I struggle to do it. I am antsy and want to move my body…even though it doesn’t want to be moved. Exercise calls to me.

So, back to bed I go with the kiddos. They spent the entire day with me yesterday. Maybe because I was in their hang out spot when Warren and I are at work or maybe it was cause they knew I needed them. Either way I will take it.

Will you stay home when you are sick or do you push through and go to work?

Lokey and Lucky snuggling
Lokey and Lucky snuggling

8 thoughts on “A bug got me!

  1. Aw! My two kitties, Samantha and Sabrina, look very similar to yours. Only they would never snuggle together like that and they are getting old, 17. Hope you feel better soon!


    1. My two are Lokey and Lucky. Funny…we both names our cats with the same letter to start their names πŸ™‚

      Ours only seem to snuggle like that in the winter. It isn’t really cold in our house but I guess they must feel it is. Their paws are cold when they touch us.

      I am feeling a better today thanks. Have a great weekend.


    1. Pushing through for me can happen when it is a sore throat but when I get aches and stuffy head I am done for.

      Maybe next time take a day or two for you and see if it helps your recovery time? Everyone though is different.


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