Fresh air, Frost and Sun

The sunrise over Esquilmalt Lagoon
The sunrise over Esquilmalt Lagoon

Today I am off work because I have a flex day and not because I called in sick. I am still sick but on the mend and feeling better than I have been. I have done nothing but sleep and make my way to the kitchen for the last two days. So today when I ventured outside for the first time it felt like Christmas.

I had a follow-up appointment downtown this morning with the Orthopedic surgeon about the coracoid impingement in my shoulder. He let me know that since it is feeling better than it was he won’t be doing surgery on it. This is good news. He also told me that the steroid shot that I was given will wear off eventually and I may find I have pain again. If that happens I will have to go back and see him. Until then I have been given the go ahead to start back using weights and easing back into gym workouts. This makes me happy to hear since it has been a year since I have really done any form of continuous upper body work. At the same time I am also scared and nervous about lifting weights because it has been so long and I know my strength has definitely decreased. I will have to remind myself continuously not to think back to what I used to do and focus on the now.

Happy me to be outside.
Happy me to be outside.
Frosty Bridge
Frosty Bridge

To get to my appointment I decided to walk. I checked the weather before I left the house and it said “Felt like -3”. That meant for sure I was going to be wearing two pairs of pants to keep my legs warm. I also wore one pair of gloves and one pair of mittens to keep my hands extra warm.

The air was crisp and there was frost on the ground. In some places the frost actually looked like a light dusting of snow. The sun was shining and it was a perfect morning. Once I got walking, even though I wasn’t fast-moving, I started to warm up and it felt good to move my body.  The fresh air and the sun hitting my face was just what I needed today.

Taking the last two days to get better and rest were good for me. I am tired now though from my morning out so I am off now for a nap.

What was the weather like in your neck of the woods?


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