New kind of finish line reward

My superstar Warren at the top of Mt. Wells
My superstar Warren at the top of Mt. Wells

This morning Warren ran in the MEC 10k race that took place in Oak Bay. He had asked me yesterday if I was going to sign up for it and I had said “No.” Since it had been four days since I had run I didn’t feel that I was ready to race or even run fast. I know that I could have still signed up even if I didn’t race it but to me I want to feel at my best if I am running a race.

Today when I woke up though I was feeling good and I was happy for that. The morning was frosty again but since the sun was shining it makes the frosty morning seem not so bad. We had java and I made Warren his pre-race breakfast of steel-cut oats with seeds, nuts and dried fruit. I don’t typically have it but decided this morning to have some and change things up. It was delish.

While on the computer this morning I decided to see how far it would be for me to run from home to Willows Beach in Oak Bay where Warren was running. I felt like wanted to get out and run but wanted to make my run a new destination instead of just running around home. I checked Map My Run and the distance was a little under 18k. That would be a good run for me I thought and something I could do.

I headed upstairs to get my run gear on because by the time I decided I was going to do this I only had about 15 minutes to get out the door. I had to leave by 7:30am because I wasn’t sure how my body would feel running after being sick. I wanted to give myself two hours to get to the start. His race started at 9:00am and he can run a 10k in roughly 39 minutes and my goal was to see him cross. He is always done a race before me when we run in the same one so I wanted to be his support today at the finish.

To my surprise while running I was feeling fast and amazing. Looks like my fours days of rest and extra sleep were good for me. I was running under a five-minute kilometer and I never run that for a morning run. I actually arrived five minutes after he started his race so just missed seeing him go. I was there at the end though and cheered and hollered loudly. I actually got tears in my eyes as I saw him coming down the hill and it was a nice feeling for me. I was happy I could be there for him and the reward for me today was seeing my husband cross the finish line.

Does seeing someone you love cross the finish line of an event make you a bit emotional? Or am I just a sap. 😉


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