Distracted by the tree

So, this morning when I got out of bed I put my workout clothes on and then came down stairs to get my coffee. My plan was to go to the bottom floor of our house and do a workout there. I would do my own version of a boot camp after I got things ready for the day.

That workout didn’t happen though. I got distracted by the Christmas tree. We started to decorate our house last night and I was super excited about that. We didn’t decorate last year because we went away for Christmas. My family is also visiting for the holiday’s and it has been many years since we have all been together. We are just missing my sister and her boyfriend, Greg but they are on Australia. So this year feels extra special and I am full of Christmas spirit already.

I put some decorations up around the house while Warren put up the tree. It is a fake one so he had put it together. That was all good but he didn’t “fluff” the branches last night so I decided I would do it this morning while I was having coffee.

Fluffing away and sipping my coffee I was in my happy place. All I needed was some Bailey’s in it and the morning would have been perfect. I lost track of time and when I looked at the clock it was 6:00am. Yes, that is still early and lots of time for me to workout but I felt unmotivated. I decided instead to give in to that feeling and I would have an easy day. I would just enjoy the morning at home.

Tonight after supper Warren and I went for a walk and enjoyed being outside and the evening. It was nice to have a slower day and enjoy some little moments. Tomorrow after work we have run club again and the pace will be picked up. I am looking forward to going since I was sick last week.

Do you occasionally take time to slow down and enjoy the little moments?



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