My pace bunny

Pace Bunny
Pace Bunny

Last night Warren and I had run club and I was excited about going. I had missed it last week because I was sick and I was looking forward to seeing people. The evening was perfect for running and there were even some new faces in the group. When we arrived at Frontrunners we chatted with a few people and then Nick let us know our workout for the night.

First we would do our warm up run to the Colwood subdivision about 20 minutes from the store. The workout we were told had us running for 4-6-8-6-4 minutes. This breaks down to us running first four minutes at a 10k race pace and building to a 15k pace. For the eight minutes of running we were running a half marathon race pace. The last six minutes we were to run faster at an 8k pace and our last four minutes was the fastest of them all at a 5k pace. Thankfully between each one set we would have a two minutes active rest.

I typically will run with Beth at run club because she and I run the same pace but last night she wasn’t there. So, once we started running I asked Warren if I could run with him and he was good with that. He is typically faster than me and I felt like I wanted to try to push myself. I knew that trying to keep up with Warren’s pace would do that.  At one point I told him that he was my pace bunny and we both laughed. I was the time-keeper for us and let him know when we were to start and stop. We made a good team.

I joined the club in January so I have never ran with the group at this time of year. As we ran through the subdivision it was nice to see all the houses that had their Christmas lights up and shining bright. It was a distraction from hearing myself breathing hard and one I was happy for.

It was a fun night running with Warren and spending time together doing something we both love. I came home feeling great and energized even though I had workout.

Are you admiring the Christmas lights when you are running in the evening? Or if you are running in the early morning are the lights still on?


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