December Challenge

The other day I was reading fellow blogger TartanJogger’s post about her “Piles on the Miles” (POTM) challenge she had for the month of November. I had never heard of this before and wasn’t sure what it was exactly. So, by commenting on her post I found out more details.

Yesterday, while decorating the Christmas tree in the morning before my stair workout with Samantha, I got inspired by TartanJogger. I found my December challenge. Right now I am doing the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge with some other bloggers and I am really enjoying it but it ends on December 3rd. I will continue with my goals I had set for that challenge but I also want something more. I haven’t been setting goals lately because it isn’t race season but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have any.

So, starting on December 1st my new challenge or goal is to run 155km for the month. I asked Warren if he wanted to try to do the same and he was up for it. I am excited! You could be asking yourself how I came up with that random number because I know that is what I asked. Well, for me to reach that goal I will need to run 5km/day or if I run more one day then I can have a break from running another day.

I look forward to this because the month of December is a busy month with so many events happening that having this challenge will push me to go. Also, now that I have written to you that I will be doing this I will need to report back and let you know how I made out. So, it gives me even more motivation to succeed.

Who else wants to join me on this challenge?

Bring on the running...
Bring on the running…

11 thoughts on “December Challenge

    1. Hey!
      That is great! Happy to hear you will join me. I look forward to reading your post. Always like to help out people when I can even if it is through a blog. We can do this.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That sounds like fun! I just signed up for Holly Jolly Fitness Challenge for the month of December – work out 4 days a week. I’m thinking this will be a good challenge for me since I start back to work Monday after being on maternity leave for a year!


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