Running for buns. Round 2

Let’s try this again. For those of you who received my earlier blog posts via email you weren’t supposed to get that version of it. I was drafting the post on my phone on our way home from Nanaimo and when I pressed the arrow like button at the top of my screen I thought I was just going to be saving it to my drafts. That wasn’t the case and it posted. Oops.

So, here is my post with some of the links and such I wanted to have. And it is also now proofed but making the error just adds to my list of firsts for today.

Today was an exciting day with a lot of firsts which was very fitting since it was the first day of December.

My Starbucks advent calendar that Warren restocked for me.
My Starbucks advent calendar that Warren restocked for me.

To start my morning off I got to open up the first door in my Starbucks advent calendar. I bought the calendar last year and kept it since it was refillable. To my surprise when I picked it up the other day though it was full. I hadn’t seen Warren fill it so I was quite excited to see what was inside today and there were two chocolate bells.

The next firsts are combined into one I guess you could say. Today is the first day of our December challenge but I decided to rename it after Piper’s Run said that she was doing the Holly Jolly Fitness Challenge. Her challenge sounded fun and my challenge name sounded boring. I don’t think I am a boring person so I decided I needed a fun name. So, for the next month we are doing the “Running off Christmas” challenge and today we ran 10k instead of the scheduled 5k.

This morning we headed to Ladysmith to take part in the ninth annual Cinnamon Bun Fun Run for the Ladysmith Food Bank. It was the first time we had ever run in this event but it was a lot of fun. Your registration fee is free but on run day you have to bring in at least five cans of food for the Ladysmith Food Bank. Also when you sign up you have to predict your finish time and whoever is closest to their predicted time is the winner. While I was running though I didn’t think about that and just ran. I also couldn’t remember what I had put as my time.

You weren’t allowed to wear a watch or a heart rate monitor for the run. It was just to be a fun run. It was about knowing yourself and what your body can do. I had predicted 44:12 and it ended up that I was 13.87 seconds faster than my predicted time. I finished in 43:58.13. On my second loop of the 10k a volunteer marshal let me know that  I was the first woman. That felt pretty good and is unusual for me but because I was off in predicting my finish time I wasn’t in the top three. After running without a watch today though it almost makes me want to run most races without one. There were no distractions this way and I just ran to how I felt.

After the run was done and we went into the school and we were treated with Old Town Bakery cinnamon buns. Warren and I have had them before and they are worth running for.

Yummy Cinnamon Bun
Yummy Cinnamon Bun

We stuck around as well for the door prizes and such but we didn’t win any. I feel like we won though because Warren and I got to take part in a run that was new to us, we supported a good cause, and we had fun. I also got to see my friend Christina who I haven’t seen for a few years so it really was a great day!

Would you run for cinnamon buns?


8 thoughts on “Running for buns. Round 2

  1. I saw you lapping us way to go! Was my sons first 5k experience and I thought they did an amazing job and everyone was so encouraging looking forward to next year!


    1. Congrats to your son and happy to hear you enjoyed the event. It was lots fun.

      I love seeing the kids out running and the energy they have. I saw two boys as I was running trying to out run each other up the hill. I thought it was good to see and made me smile.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day.


  2. Aloha from Maui! Even on vaycay I have to check out blogs, lol. If you love cinnamon buns, try the ones at Cherries if you haven’t already…they are at the corner of Burnside and Wilkinson if you haven’t been there before! Best coffee too. See you when I get back, I hear there may be snow on the day I get back….brrrrr!!!!


    1. Hey!
      I was thinking about you this morning and our meet date that is soon coming up. Maui…oh I am now really jealous. Warren and I have been dreaming of going there again lately. Hope you are having fun.

      I bought one of the buns for W a month or so ago and he said it was delish. I didn’t have one but will have to try it one day soon.

      Yes, there could be snow by the sounds of it. Calgary today is getting a blizzard.

      Have fun and thanks for checking in. 🙂


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