Chilly run club

Last night was run club night. Victoria is going through a cold snap it seems so I was happy we had done laundry the night before after our run. It was another night to wear my fleece lined running pants.

Warren and I left the house a little before 6:00pm and headed to the Frontrunners store. When we arrived there weren’t many people at first and I figured maybe because it was cold that some of them had decided to stay home. It ended up that more people showed up and they were just running late.

Ready to go!
Ready to go!

Nick was away so Mike was leading the group. Once everyone was gathered around he let us know the workout we would be doing. We were running to Dunsmuir school and doing 4 x 1200 meters loops with a two-minute passive rest in between. The loop we run is around the subdivision near the school. The warm up run to get to Dunsmuir school it is a bit longer feeling than we normally do so people weren’t overly excited to run there. Some of the runners, like Warren had never done this workout so they didn’t really know what they were in for. I did though because I had done it before.

We headed out towards the school with our headlamps lighting up the way. Mike had told us of some short cuts that we could take for our warm up so that helped but it was still about a 20 minute run. Once we arrived at the school Warren let me know that he was going to do one lap and then head back home. I wasn’t sure why he was leaving but it was his choice. I found out later that he mentally was struggling and felt sluggish running. It was bothering him so he just wanted to go back. I can understand that because I get that way some days and you have to just listen to your body.

Just as I was making my way to where we were all starting Sue said “Kyla, I am just waiting for you to set the pace.” I laughed because she was teasing me from last week when Nadine and I were the lead runners of the warm up run. I guess she and I were running a quicker pace then we realized and some people found it fast for warming up. I headed off and soon we were spread out through the route. I ran solo for my first loop and for the last three I ran with Rich. I pushed myself to keep up with his pace and I liked it. Running with someone when doing speed work is more enjoyable for me because I then have something to focus on and someone to help me keep going.

Once we were all done we headed back towards the store and I ended up running with Shawn. As we ran along at one point I said to him “I don’t feel like this is a cool down run.” He said “No, you picked up the pace.” I then said “I felt like you had so I was trying to keep up with you.” We both laughed. I was happy I said something to him and we slowed a bit. We were both tired from the run.

I was happy for the run and felt good. The air was refreshing and I didn’t mind the cold once I got going. Meeting the group definitely helps.

Do you like to do your speed workouts with a partner?


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