DSB Bootcamp

This morning I ran to work and did my workout at around the campus. I decided that after my speed workout last night that I would do my own little bootcamp at the set of stairs near one of the buildings.  My run to work was 4.61km so I am a bit short of my 5k mark but since I ran 14k yesterday I am still on track with my challenge.

Once I arrived at the bottom of stairs I put my backpack down and made my way up going single steps at a time. I would then alternate double and single steps every other time. I wanted to work my upper body as well so I would do different exercises at the top and bottom of the stairs. I did things like:

  • 20 squats using a resistance band around a light pole
  • 10 push ups at a time either at the top or the bottom of the stairs
  • tricep dips using the rock wall at the top of the stairs
  • 20 mountain climbers with my knees to my chest
  • 20 mountain climbers with my knees moving towards my elbows
  • 1 set of bench step ups, 20 each leg

On my last set of stairs as I was coming down them I could see what looked like a beautiful sunrise starting. I ran towards the Boathouse by the Lagoon and took this picture. I haven’t done anything to the colours and I think it looks so cool.

Beauty...no filter.
Beauty…no filter.

After I took this picture I headed to work to get ready for the day. About an hour later one of my co-workers came into the office to say that it was snowing. It didn’t snow in Victoria last year except for a few flurries but nothing that stuck so it was pretty exciting to see this morning. We have had a light dusting of snow that has stayed on the ground and looks pretty.

This picture was taken this morning outside my office window around 10:00am.

Around 10:00am this morning

This is what the ground looks like now outside my office  around 3:00pm.

View from my window around 3:00pm

Do you like snow? Do you have any where you are?


6 thoughts on “DSB Bootcamp

    1. Yes, I am liking the outside better but some days I want to be back at the gym. Today before I started my workout and was standing in -8 temps I was wishing for the gym. But it got better.

      Have a great weekend. 🙂


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