Snowy stair fun


This morning Samantha picked me up at 6:15am at the park and ride near my house so we could go do a stair workout before work. Just before I left the house Warren let me know that it was pretty cold out and ask me to be careful. I have that same kind of concern for him and ask him to take care when it comes to driving the car in the winter. I feel confident with how Warren drives but I worry about black ice and also other drivers not paying attention.

I was a few minutes early so while I waited for Samantha to get me I checked my weather app to see what the temperature was. I was a bit surprised when I saw the minus in front of the 8. It has been a while since I have seen minus temperatures in Victoria. At that moment I was wishing I had a gym membership but later after we started our workout I didn’t notice the cold and was happy to be outside.

Before I got out of the car I set our workout time for 35 minutes. We then walked up the path to get to the bottom of the stairs. I then bent down to place the rocks on the log to count my repeats but the only problem was that because of the snow I couldn’t see the rocks. Samantha came up with the idea of marking the snow with a line and I could track of my repeats that way. Smart lady she is.

Counting my stair repeats in the snow.
Counting my stair repeats in the snow.

This was the first time I had done these stairs in the snow because in the past when was snowing or if it had snowed I would just go to the gym. I decided that for my first time going up them I would walk. I wanted to see how slippery they might be underfoot. By the time I had reached the top I had decided that they weren’t too bad and I would run the next one going up. I walked down though instead of running because that would be the safest. I have a tendency to be a bit clumsy so I was being cautious.

Me at the top of my last stair repeat. Still smiling and feeling good.
Me at the top of my last stair repeat. Still smiling and feeling good.

I have lately started to notice that when I reach the top of stairs when running them that my ears feel like they are plugged. I mentioned it to Samantha this morning and she said it could be the elevation. I didn’t realize I had that sensitive of ears but I guess I do.

In total I did 11 repeats of the stairs and felt good about our workout. It was a great way for us to start our snowy Friday.

Do your ears bother you when you run the stairs? Would you run stairs in the snow?


4 thoughts on “Snowy stair fun

  1. Well done! I struggle to walk in snow, let alone run! And I share your worry about black ice- I wrecked my car in January by hitting a rock face after skidding on black ice 😦 caution rules for us, too.


    1. Oh hitting your face isn’t good. Two winters ago I was riding Huli to meet Grace at the gym and we slid on black ice. I have also fallen on it going out for a run so I am super Granny like I guess you could say when it comes to it. 😉

      Have a great weekend.


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