Recap of week one, ROC challenge

Well, we have completed one week of our Running off Christmas (ROC) challenge that started on December 1st. I ran six out of the eight days because I am taking today as a rest day. We will go for a walk or hike today but that won’t count towards my goal because for me it is actual running kilometers.

So far I have run 52.08km and Warren has run 34.21km. He is roughly 5km behind with his mileage for the week but that will be easy for him to make up. We have done a few runs together and it has been nice to have the motivation and company since this week has been a cold one. One run we did was done without speaking and we used our iPod’s to get us though but we were both happy once done.

The other run was yesterday morning it was a fun one. We actually laughed while we ran and I was making Warren smile by signing. I had my iPod on but with only one ear-bud in one ear. I would sing random words from the songs that I was listening to and it made Warren laugh and I loved it.

My weather app said that it said it felt like -11 when we left the house but once we got going we warmed up and it wasn’t so bad. We did a run around Langford Lake and it was beautiful. The sun was shining through the trees and the snow covering the ground made everything look so pretty. It was a perfect way to start our Saturday morning.


W and I outside our house. Rosy cheeks and all.
W and I outside our house. Rosy cheeks and all.

If you are doing this challenge with me how are you making out? Are you still running in the cold or do you have a treadmill to save you from it?


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