Sunday slow down

This morning Warren and I had a bit of a chill start to our Sunday. We didn’t actually get out of the house until almost noon and that isn’t like us. It was a nice way to start the day because Saturday had been busy.

I spent this morning catching up on some of my TV shows and finishing off a craft I had started awhile ago. I wanted to get it finished because my family is coming to visit in a little over a week and I want to get the house organized. I had also procrastinated long enough to complete it so it was time.

Warren at first suggested that we walk around our neighborhood but I was wanting to go somewhere different. He did research on the internet and found a place for us to go. It was Swan Lake and Christmas Hill. We have run in a race that took us around some of the lake but we had never been around the whole thing. It is flat and has some pretty views of the lake in various places.

Swan Lake
Swan Lake

In the first five minutes of our walk though a big rat crossed the path in front of us. I squeezed Warren’s hand when I saw it and we both were startled by it. We couldn’t believe how big it was. That rat was one of three that we saw on the trail. Yuck!

As we walked down to the lake you could see that it was frozen and the bridge that we walked on is typically a floating bridge Warren said. Not today it wasn’t. A little farther on in our walk as we crossed along the boardwalk it sounded like we were walking on old wooden floors in a house. The water that runs under the boardwalk was frozen but with ever step we took we could hear a creaking sound. It was really kind of neat.

It's a good thing today was a rest day. I have been told no running.
It’s a good thing today was a rest day. I have been told no running.

We were out for about an hour taking pictures and just enjoying the fresh, crisp air. We didn’t find Christmas Hill or what could have been it but maybe another time we will.


How did you spend your Sunday?



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