Running in snowflakes

Victoria is warming up!
Victoria is warming up!

It was warmer this morning and above zero so I decided that I would be able to wear my Lululemon crops for my run. Part of my shins would be showing but that was OK because I knew I wouldn’t be frozen after five minutes outside. I was so excited to be wearing my crops and it was something so small.

I had brought some things I needed for work today into the office on Monday so I wouldn’t have to carry them this morning on my run. I knew that I wanted to take a longer route to get to work so I could get more mileage in for my challenge. When I started out on my run I could see tiny flakes of snow falling but then a few blocks from our house bigger flakes started to fall. It was the first time this winter that I had been out running as it was falling. It was so pretty. The more that came down though caused the side walks to become a bit slick underfoot due to the ice that was already on them.

As I ran along some of the snowflakes would fall on my eyelashes and made me smile. It was something new again and made my run feel different from the normal. It was almost like a distraction.

The snow had stopped mid way through my run. By the time I reached RRU I had only been running for 35 minutes and I when I left the house I had enough tine to do an hour workout. I decided to run some stairs and did four sets. In between each set I did 10 push-ups and 10 tricep dips for a total of 20 each. I felt I needed a little more and so I did lunges since they are always a good thing to do. I started at the bottom of stairs lunging my way towards my office. I counted 100 of them and then walked the rest of the way.

Now as I sit here typing this post I can already feel soreness in my glutes from the lunges. Sweet! Goal achieved.

Fun times in 2009
Fun times in 2009

Are you a fan of lunges? Do you add them to your workout?

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