A smaller group for run club

Last night was run club night and I was headed to it solo because Warren is away until Friday. He was asked to help out on one of the Navy ships this week so he has been gone since Tuesday morning. It isn’t a long sail but just long enough for us to miss each other since we haven’t been apart since April.

When I arrived at the store only Tory and Nadine were there and it was already 6:00pm. I was surprised by that because usually the are about 10 other people already there. I went to chat with them and not long after Mike and Laura walked in the door. We now had five people to run. We joked with Mike and said that it was an all women’s group but then two more guys showed up. The women though in the end still out numbered the guys.

We were told we would be running four loops of the Phelps Avenue and Treanor Avenue area which is roughly 2km. The pace we were to run was whatever our half marathon pace was and for me that is about 4:30/km. In between each loop we would have a two-minute rest and those rests are the best. I like to make mine a walking rest though because I can’t just stop after running and need to keep moving since I have to do it again.

Our 2km route we ran 4 times
Our 2km route

I started out running my first two laps solo which wasn’t too bad. I was able to check my pace on my watch now that Warren has made some adjustments to it. I had average pace before but now I have my actual pace so I can track it as I go along. Another adjustment he made as well was changing miles to kilometers. After I ran my second run for my challenge I was looking at the time and the distance and thought it took me a really long time to run 5k. I had actually ran 9km instead but didn’t know it had been in miles all this time. The little “mi” is so small. Everything is good to go now thankfully.

For my third and fourth loop I ended up running with Tory. I was happy about that because I have talked with her some on warm up runs but have never done speed work with her. I know that she is quick after talks we have had so I was looking forward to running with her. We cruised along and as we hit the hills I noticed that she was bending over a lot. I mentioned to her to try to be more upright, really push your elbows back and run on the balls of your feet. I also told her that I wasn`t an expert on hills but just mentioning something someone once told me. The next loop, as we started up a hill she caught herself being bent over and then corrected herself. She said “Get yourself upright” and it made me smile.

We headed back to the store and I decided that because I needed some extra kilometers that I would run past the road that would take me home and run with the group to the store and then back home. On our run back Mike filled us in on our Christmas party pub night run that we are having next week and what to expect. It should be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it. It will be my first one with the group and my first time running and having a few drinks as. Should be interesting and there is a first time for everything I guess.

Does your running group have a Christmas event or something? Have you run with a few drinks under your belt?


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