Can’t sleep…so I run

Last night Warren arrived back home and I was so excited to see him. He picked me up from work, we grabbed pizza and headed home. We caught up about our week even though I did most of the talking since he had been up for 28 hours. It was a low-key night and we were both in bed before 8:00pm. We are so wild and crazy. That isn’t typical of us but we were just tired.

I woke at 3:00am this morning and still felt tired so I tried to go back to sleep. It just wasn’t happening though because I think I was excited about the day ahead. Prepping for my family’s arrival, Christmas baking, grocery shopping and cleaning (which I love both). So, I grabbed my running clothes and came downstairs. I ate a banana, checked the weather and it was a little after 4:00am when I headed out the door. It was a mild morning so I wore a tank top with my arm bands and I was just right. How many of you can say you wore a tank top out running on December 14th?

Weather on December 14 in Victoria
I think it is funny that it still gives me the forecast for Friday evening when it was Saturday morning.

I was 20 minutes into my run when I could see red lights lighting up the sky and they weren’t Christmas lights either. As I ran up the road towards the lights I could see fire trucks and firemen walking around with flashlights. I removed my headphones and slowed down. I was then asked by a fireman from the Colwood Fire Department to cross the road since I was on the same side they were. A water main had broken I was told and I could see that there was water everywhere. The good part of running so early in the morning and being asked to cross the road meant I didn’t struggle to cross four lanes of busy traffic that would normally be there. As I crossed though the fireman said to me “You are dedicated to be out this early”. I said to him “Couldn’t sleep so I run.” He just laughed a little and I continued on.

I had a great run and it was the best way for me to start my day. I ran 12.6km and I came home to brewed coffee because Warren was up by the time I got back. It was a like a treat since I usually have my coffee before I go running.

So, it is almost 10:00am and I have already done my run, had my coffee, showered, grocery shopped, picked up two parcels at the post office, had my lunch (yes, I said lunch) and wrote my blog.

How has your Saturday morning started?


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