Recap of week two, ROC Challenge

Well, another week down in my Running off Christmas Challenge. Giving myself this challenge for the month has been good for me. It has definitely help motivate me and I like working towards achieving a goal. I am starting to realize that I do better at staying on track when I have a goal to reach.

This week I ran almost everyday but Thursday and today. On Friday though I really had to talk myself into running. I wasn’t really feeling like it because I was tired from the day before. I didn’t  run as far this week as I did the week before but I am happy with my results. My total for this week was 44.94km and I am still ahead of my goal of 5km/day.

Just some of the cookies I baked today. Lots of treats now to run off.
Just some of the cookies I baked today. Lots of treats now to run off.

Warren earlier asked me how I was feeling when I told him my total amount run so far this month. I said that I am feeling good but I am noticing that my plantar fascia is acting up again in my right heel. I was feeling some relief from the pain but it seems now that it has flared up again. Boo.

Last night at dinner my friend Gwen mentioned that she could treat me using acupuncture. She said that she has had many successful cases and runners are happy with the results. I am really starting to consider it because I want to start my marathon training the beginning of February. I want to feel the best that I can because I know the training isn’t going to be easy.

The big reason I am not running into her office is because I have a fear of the little needles and how bad they will hurt. The thoughts of needles going into my heel and calf don’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I can make it work though for relief and the enjoyment of running pain-free. So, I will find out when she can see me and see how things go.

How was your week of running?


9 thoughts on “Recap of week two, ROC Challenge

  1. Well done, you- you’re doing great! I’m sorry that your injury is niggling: ignore the, erm, needles- give it a go: think of the outcome not the treatment 😉


  2. hm, that’s interesting about acupuncture helping plantar fasciitis (I have it too). I never had acupuncture, but I always thought the needles didn’t hurt. You’ll have to let us know how it goes and if it helps your heel.


    1. Hi Cynthia,

      I just called and made an appointment for December 30. I will let you know.

      The needles hurt or give a weird feeling sometimes depending on what nerve or spot they hit. I will let you know though how it goes.

      If we could both get relief it is a win.


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