Run Club Christmas

Last night was run club night and I was originally going to write that it wasn’t like our typical run club workouts. But I would be wrong in a way to say that. We did speed work and we ran intervals but just not in a typical runners fashion.

A few weeks ago we were asked which night would be better to have our pub run and last night was it. Warren and I were looking forward to this because it is our first year being part of the group and it was also our first time running and drinking. My friend Cindy and fellow runner in the group said that some people last year dressed up and she mentioned she was going to dress up again this year. I didn’t have anything to wear so she let me borrow her little “Mrs. Claus dress” and stripped knee highs.

Some of our fun run club group
Some of our  run club group ready to go

We met at the Frontrunners store around 6:00pm like normal and not long after we were off. We actually had a new guy join the group last night so he wasn’t expecting his first run club run to be a pub run. He did well though and had fun I think.

Our first stop was Jack’s Place at the top of Bear Mountain which was 6km away when you take some short cuts. It was the farthest one in our route of stops but the best one to start at because we had to run up a hill to get it. When I say hill that makes it sound easy but it is not. The hill is actually 2 or 3km long.

Once we arrived there were already some of the other club members there. The plan was that you order your drinks and your bill at the same time and then we were off again. Each stop along the way was supposed to be about 20-45 minutes. Drinking your drink quickly is where the speed work came into effect for the night.


Yes, random...but why not?! This was at stop 2.
Yes, random…but why not?! This was at stop 2.

Next we were off to the Log House Pub and running down the hill was the best part. Since Cindy is recovering from an injury she was getting a drive with Jeanette to the next pub. A few of us placed our drink order with her and they were waiting for us when we arrived. It was great. This stop some people ordered some snacks so we got to socialize a bit longer. It was fun and it was about being out with the group.

There were two more stops the group was making before the night was over and they were close by. This was where the interval training came in for the night. The pubs were the Inferno Chop House and Bar and the Station House Pub which was next to the Frontrunners store. That was where people could get picked up from their significant others and get home safely.

Cindy, myself and Warren waiting at a stop light
Cindy, myself and Warren waiting at a stop light

Warren and I parted with the group after the third stop. We were getting tired and it was way past our bedtime. It was a fun night with the group and happy I got to be part of it. I enjoy so many things about being part of the group and they are a great group of friends. I look forward to more runs with them in the new year.

Have you done a pub run before?



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