Snowy run


View down my street before I left on my run
View down my street before I left on my run

Today I am working from home for my last day before holiday’s. I am happy to be home because all of my family has arrived for Christmas and I want to spend time as much time with them as I can.

Even though I could sleep in a bit that of course didn’t happen. So, when I woke up and looked out the window I saw I winter wonderland. The snow that had started to fall when we were headed to the airport last night and it was still falling this morning. That was a surprise to see because that isn’t typical Victoria weather.

I hadn’t run yesterday so I knew that I needed to run today. Even though there was a good amount of snow down I was looking forward to running outside. I needed to just have some me time and also to run.

I left a little after 7:00am and wasn’t sure how long I would be. As I started out I was feeling good. My legs felt fresh and ready to go. I was happy to feel that way. My songs were also good and they motivated me to move.

I decided that I would run around Langford Lake because I hadn’t run there for a few weeks. I

View of the bridge going over the lake
View of the bridge going over the lake

would also then make my route longer and go to the bank on my way home. That way I could kill two birds with one stone.

The morning was beautiful. There was snow falling and it was a mixed with rain. The sky seemed brighter and I think it was because of the snow on the ground.

My feet stayed dry until about the 9km mark. I wasn’t running in a lot of slush for the first part of my run which was great but then as I got closer to where more traffic had been the side of the road was more slushy. I didn’t try to keep my feet dry and just ran. It was what it was.

Happy me 20 mins into my run
Happy me 20 mins into my run



When I arrived home I felt great and had run 14km. I was happy for the run and ready to start the day with my family.

How did your Friday start?


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