Thetis Lake with the family

Today is the first day of our official Christmas vacation and we are both off until January 6th. We have some things planned while we are off and looking forward to filling the days with some fun things.

This morning I wanted to get us all outside. It is a bit of a grey day but it wasn’t cold compared to what my Aunt is used to in Ontario. We headed out of the house around 9:00am and went to Thetis Lake. It is a short drive from our house and some days Warren and I will run from home to it.

Warren, my Mom, myself and  my Aunt
Warren, my Mom, myself and my Aunt

My Nan, who is 84 wouldn’t be able to walk from home so we drove. Once we arrived at the trail we showed them which way to go and to keep the lake on their left. Warren and I had planned to run the trail and then double back to meet them. We ran together for a bit but then Warren took off. That was all good because I was enjoying my run and just being outside. We eventually all met up and walked the trail back to the car. My Aunt and Mom decided that once they had walked down the hills they would then turn around and get more exercise by running up them. It was kind of funny. They were having fun and everyone enjoyed the morning excursion.

My Nan and I
My Nan and I

After our walk we came home and I made us a Spaghetti Squash Crusted Quiche and my Nan helped me make shortbread cookies. I have never been able to successfully make them so with her step by step instructions I was able to. Such a small thing but a big deal for me.

My quiche
My Quiche

We are off shortly to spend time with my extended family. Every year there is a big family Christmas dinner and gift exchange the Saturday before Christmas. There should be a wide variety of food because everyone brings a dish to help to go along with the main course. This year it is roast beef so we don’t get sick of turkey. It should be a good time and lots of great food.

What adventures did you get up to today? Did you cook or bake?


2 thoughts on “Thetis Lake with the family

  1. We had a little freezing rain storm here (it’s still going) so we’ve been inside ALL day … yuck! Sure hope the roads are fine in the morning so we can get out and maybe attempt a run!


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