Showing family my playgrounds

Shay at Langford Lake
Shay at Langford Lake

On Saturday night my aunt said that she would like to go for a run on Sunday morning. I invited myself along and she said that she would be slow because she hasn’t been running for the last two weeks. I told her I wasn’t concerned about the pace but wanted to spend time with her. The run was her run and I would run the pace that she set. I was just a tag along. Warren started out running with us too but took off on his own run about 15 minutes in.

I made the suggestion for us to run Langford Lake because it is away from traffic and pretty. Shay was good with that and as we left the house I reminded her again to set the pace and I would run whatever she ran. As we went along though I felt like we were running pretty fast. I mentioned that I was there to motivate her because she had been struggling and it was my active recovery run.

Almost 20 minutes into our run she then said “I have to slow down.” I asked “Is that because you started out too fast and not running your pace?” She then explained to me that when she runs with someone else she doesn’t run how she would normally start out. She said she feels pressure to keep up.

I have heard that in the past from different people and I know that I have sometimes done it when I am working out with someone else. The downfall of us not running or working out at a pace we are comfortable with is that we can’t maintain it for the entire workout and we are only hurting ourselves. It isn’t enjoyable and you aren’t giving yourself your best workout. That being said though I do believe that  you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone though once and awhile.

We ran the entire lake and as we got closer to home we walked a few times. I was happy for the time that we got to spend together and encouraging Shay along the way. She was happy for the run and getting her out.

My Mom and I
My Mom and I

This morning I gathered my family in the car and took them the crazy stairs that I love to do so much. I knew my Nan probably wouldn’t be able to do all 169 stairs, in one direction, but I knew my Aunt and Mom could. There is a trail that also is around the stairs so I figured that my Nan could walk there.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the stairs I placed ten rocks on the log. My Mom started up the stairs and then my Aunt did. I showed Nan where she could walk and the I was off on the stairs. My aunt did a few repeats of them and then decided to walk with Nan. Mom and I continued on the stairs and once I was done my last set we headed to meet Shay and Nan. It was a nice morning out and I was happy to show my family my playground. I like that they will be able to picture where I am after they leave and we chat on the phone.

When your family visits do you show them your workout places? Do they join you on your workouts?

One thought on “Showing family my playgrounds

  1. My family haven’t visited in a while (I live in a different county), but when I was home last Christmas I joined both my mum and my Aunt on some of their bike rides. I keep promising/threatening to take my parents up Rapaki (a hill I run here) when they come visit next year. Not sure I’ll be able to talk them into a stairs session though!

    What is it with runners and stairs anyway – as if all the running we do isn’t crazy enough, we gotta go and add stair runs into it as well!


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