Christmas Crawl

The family
The family

Yesterday after I wrote my post in the morning I spent Christmas day with my family. I stepped away from my laptop and my phone for the most part. I did send a few texts to wish Merry Christmas to friends and posted a few pictures because I love my pictures. It was a nice break. but now I am back.

After I was done my post in the morning I headed upstairs around 5:30am to wake my Nan, aunt and mom up. I couldn’t wait any longer and I thought it was time for them to be up because I had waited patiently for an hour and a half.  Warren got up about a half hour before they did and he wanted to take the stockings upstairs to open them. I said that we didn’t do that and we all opened them together. This was the first Christmas with my family that Warren has been apart of.  He and I have celebrated Christmas together before with just the two of us and I have shared my traditions with him but some of them I had forgotten about. It was fun thinking back and talking about the traditions as the day went on that I had and also doing some new things together.

After lunch we got showered and then we headed out for a little walk. We were just walking slow and taking in the sights. Warren and I have walked or ran the route that we went many times but when we go we are usually just going at a quicker pace. Yesterday was nice though because as we went along we noticed things we had never noticed before.

We saw this small little house that we thought would be a perfect size for us when we retire. It was one level and simple. It would be all we would need. We noticed another house on the top of a hill that had beautiful big windows and the view would be amazing. It would be the perfect place to see the sun set and have dinner. A romantic setting in your own house.  We loved it. There were many other things that we saw as well. It was nice to slow down.

I then chatted a bit about my blog and this post. I told him about how I come up with my ideas and how titles for my blogs come to mind while I am out. I tend to focus on that thought instead of what I am doing sometimes. It is a good distraction really when music isn’t cutting it.

After our walk we got ready to go to Warren’s parents for a big family dinner. There was lots of great food, gift giving and time with family. It was a great Christmas day.

How was your Christmas Day? Did you slow down and take in the sites and sounds?

Merry Christmas from the Beattie's
Merry Christmas from the Beattie’s

4 thoughts on “Christmas Crawl

  1. It sounds like a perfect day! I love your wandering, and imagining what it would be like to live in other houses 🙂
    We generate blog ideas and titles in the same way…. No surprises there!


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