Happy Feet

Yesterday morning I slept in until 7:30am. That never happens but it was nice to have the extra sleep. We didn’t have much planned for Boxing Day but I knew that I wanted to go for a run. After I had my morning coffee and chatted with the family I went downstairs to chat with Warren where he was building the Lego Space Shuttle I gave him.

I told Warren that I was going to go for a run and asked him if he wanted to go with me. He was game and I was happy for that because I thought that he might say he was going to stay home and keep building. Before we left I suggested a route that we don’t typically run. I knew it was a bit longer of a run than Warren sometimes likes to do but I thought it would be a nice change. Part of the run was on the road, and the other part was around a golf course and trail.

As we ran along we had our iPods on. Once and awhile we would chat but for the most part we just wanted to listen to our tunes. When we got back home I thanked Warren for the run. I was the one who wanted to go but I felt that I was struggling as I ran. In some places I wanted to slow down but I tried to keep up with Warren’s pace and he pushed me to keep going.  After I told Warren that he said  “I was trying to keep up with your pace as you ran faster. I was struggling as well.” I thought that was funny that we were both to keep pace with each other and we didn’t know it. Guess it was a good thing in a way.

The best part of our run though overall was the new socks that we both received for Christmas. We both had happy feet and they were nice and cushioned for our 10k run.

What are the little things that make you happy when you run?

New sock love
New sock love

4 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. The first time I PR’d in a half marathon, I was running with my sis. We did the same thing – we were both trying to keep up with eachother, but didn’t know it until we chatted afterwards!


  2. I love seeing kids playing outside or adults being active when I run. It makes me feel like I live in a healthy community.
    I’ve run with my husband once…years ago! He’s 6’2 and I’m 5’5 so he was kinda holding back and I was trying to keep up. So we split up and but ended up finishing our runs together 🙂


    1. I love it as well. It makes me feel good that people are out and about and not just sitting at home.

      Warren typically runs faster than me but some days he goes my pace if he feels he needs the help to get out and run as well. It works out well and on the days when he goes ahead I am good with that and we both know we will meet at home.

      Hope all is well. I have to catch up on my blogs.


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