Painful Quick Jaunt

Who knew a tennis ball could cause pain and do good at the same time.
Who knew a tennis ball could cause pain and do good at the same time.

This morning when I woke up my heel was very sore from my plantar fasciitis. I was struggling with just walking so I used the foam roller to try to loosen up my calves. I also used a tennis ball under my foot to try to loosen up the tendon like my physiotherapist has told me.  Both helped a bit but it wasn’t great. I still wanted to go run but I knew I needed some help to get out.

Warren suggested a quick little jaunt around the block and I was good with that. We got dressed and as we opened the front door to go outside I felt the cold. It was above zero and it was spitting rain a bit. I pulled my arms to my chest and curled myself inwards to try to feel warmer. I said to Warren “I don’t wanna go.”  He just looked at me and I knew what he was thinking. I said “Let’s go.” I knew I would be ok once I got going.

The first ten minutes of our run was hard because my foot was tight and hurt. I ran along and reminded myself that the run would only be a half hour and I would be done.

I followed wherever Warren went because to me he was the leader today. As we arrived closer to home Warren said “I’m running until we reach 6k.” I was good with that even though my foot had loosened up a bit. By the time the run was done I was feeling better than when I first started and I was glad I went. I was also very happy to be running with Warren.

I see my friend Gwen on Monday for the acupuncture treatment and I can’t wait even though I was dreading it before.I am hoping to find some relief even from the first treatment. Fingers crossed.

Have you tried using a tennis ball or golf ball for an injury before?

5 thoughts on “Painful Quick Jaunt

  1. I can’t wait to hear how the acupuncture works! I use a golf ball on the bottom of my feet. Some friends use a lacrosse ball too. I’ve also had Graston done on my feet – that is a torture session! You could also put Kinseo tape on it.


    1. I am now looking forward to it as well even though I wasn’t before.

      So, I didn’t know what Graston was and I just looked it up. I made quite the face just reading about it. Hope you don’t have to have that again anytime soon. It sounded awful.

      I have used tape in the past but I felt the tape hurt more when I ran. Not sure what that would be but it did.


  2. I’ve tried the tennis ball, but never felt like it did anything helpful. When I first had problems someone suggested I wear birkenstocks. I got some sandals and wore them all the time at home (never went barefoot) and even got some shoes to wear outside of the home. I think they really helped a lot and wore them for years. But I noticed (now that I’m having problems again) I haven’t been wearing them very much lately. So they’re back on fulltime! I got my husband a pair and he says they hurt his feet and won’t wear them. But my feet love them and they are sooo comfortable.


    1. You are the third person to mention Birkenstocks to me. I may just have to check them out.
      Get them back on your feet it sounds like. Hope they kick in soon and you feel better. 🙂


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