Christmas Hill with Grace

My friend Grace arrived in Victoria late Boxing Day night to spend time with her family in Victoria for the holidays. Even though she is home to visit family we plan early morning workouts so we can spend time doing something we both love and it is our time to catch up.

Yesterday Grace and I met at 7:20am to go for a run and we were hoping to catch the sunrise. I headed to her Mom’s house and we left from there running. I was looking forward to running with Grace and also exploring an area that I have only ran a few times.

It was about minus two and the roads and sidewalks were frosty. If you would have been driving by when we were running you would have gotten a good laugh because we were sliding all over the place. Thankfully neither of us fell.

I was following Grace wherever she went. She had mapped out a 10k loop for us and it was nice to just go and not have to pay attention so much. It ended up that I was running in areas that I had never been before. I probably should have paid attention more now where we went because I hope to go back and show the route to Warren one day. My sense of direction though isn’t so good.

Our end spot was Christmas Hill. I had never been there before and as we climbed to the top I turned around and all I could see was beauty. The sky was bright with the sun and there was fog everywhere laying just below the tree line. I got tears in my eyes because I love sunrises and it was amazing. It was also a special moment for me because I was with Grace and I know how much she loves and appreciates a good sunrise. It is one of our things and when we are apart we take pictures of sunrises so we can share them on Instagram for each other to see.

It was a perfect morning and one I am happy we got to share. The pictures don’t do it justice but here is what we saw.

Do you love sunrises? Do you go in search for them?

IMG_20131228_083422 IMG_20131228_083453 IMG_20131228_083459 IMG_20131228_083513 IMG_20131228_084323 IMG_20131228_084446 PANO_20131228_083546


8 thoughts on “Christmas Hill with Grace

    1. Sunsets are just as beautiful. Love them too. Nice thing for you gals to share.
      It is always nice when she is home and I appreciate the time we get to share with each other.


    1. I can imagine you do get up early. We were in Scotsdale, Arizona this past May and we were up early to exercise. By the time we adjusted to the heat it was time to go. It was nice though to flake out by the pool in that kind of heat.


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