Acupuncture for my plantar fasciiatis

Yesterday was the big day! I went to see Gwen at Back to Back to have acupuncture done for my plantar fasciiatis. I was a bit nervous but knowing Gwen helped some.

I had filled out a three page form before I went so Gwen had some information about my problem areas and history. Once we went through the form she asked me to lay down on the bed so she could take my pulse. She didn’t take my pulse though like your doctor would do and count how many beats per minute. She placed three fingers on the inside of my wrist on my right side and then went to my left side to do the same thing. In Chinese medicine they read your pulse differently. Gwen asked me if I get night sweats and if I had heart palpitations sometimes? I said yes to both and those weren’t things that I had put on the form. I thought that was so neat that she could find those things out just from my pulse.

Now it was needle time. I laid on the bed face down and Gwen touched my calves. As she did she could feel how tight they were and then said “You could benefit just from a massage.” I laughed a bit and said “Yes.”  She was right and it is something on my list to do in the new year. Keep up with regular massage.

The first needle went in my heel. She told me to take a deep breath and then let it go. As I let it go she put the first needle in. It didn’t feel too bad actually. Just a little bit of a prick. She then slowly worked her way up from my ankles to the back of my knees. She then repeated the same thing on the other side. As she did it I could feel my hands tightening up and my shoulders as well. I was tense because I wasn’t sure what to expect and how the needles going into different areas of my body would feel. I tried to relax myself but I was having trouble. She kept talking with me and I tried to just keep breathing. Pretty soon it was all done and I could feel things ‘moving’ a bit in my legs. It was kind of neat.

The needles Gwen placed in my calves and heels
The needles Gwen placed in my calves and heels

Then she moved her way to my shoulders and neck. She was working on the coracoid impingement. I warned her that my shoulders were probably going to feel tense because I had just been laying tensed up because of the unknown. They were all right but not just cause of those few moments. As she placed a needle in my neck on the left hand side she said that it might twitch and it did. It was a strange and neat feeling at the same time. She let me know that it was just the muscles firing. She did the same thing on the other side.

The last needle that she placed was on the inside of my right wrist and she said it was for my heart. She then left the room and let me lay for a bit. I was relaxed and wasn’t tense anymore because all needles were placed. They could just do their thing. She came back in a little later, removed the needles and massaged my calves and neck. Both were definitely needed.

When I got up off the massage table bed I felt good or as good as you can feel after laying face down. That puffy feeling you get in your face is never so good. My foot didn’t hurt and it had when I went in. I walked out without a limp and I was happy about that.

This morning though when I got out of bed the soreness was back and I was back to walking tenderly on it. I see Gwen again on Saturday morning and then a few other times in the next two weeks. She let me know that people usually notice a difference in three to four sessions. So, stand by for an update to come.

Do you go regularly for acupuncture?





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