Final recap of my Running off Christmas Challenge

Well, the month of December has come to an end and it has been a great month filled with running, fun with family and friends, good food, great memories and so much more.

I am so happy that I decided to give myself the challenge of running 155km for this month. I have never done anything like it before but loved it. I found it so motivating and it give me the extra push to run even on days I didn’t really want to.

So, for the last two days of my challenge I ran 18.71km. I was lucky and got to spend two out of three of my runs with two of my favorite people. One run was a trail run with Warren this morning around Matheson Lake. We hadn’t run a trail for a while and it was nice to run in a new place. The temperature was just right and the lake was foggy but pretty.

Happy faces after a fun run!
Happy faces after a fun run!

The next run was with Cindy on her lunch break. I met her at her work and we did a little run along the Galloping Goose. We got to catch up and it was nice way to finish the last day of the year.

Good friends
Good friends

So, how many kilometers did I put in for this month? Did I reach my goal of 155km?

Drum roll please…

I ran 218.95km for the month. WOW! I am surprised and happy all at the same time. I have never tracked the amount I have run in a month but it is something I am going to start to do in 2014. Maybe I do run this much regularly but just didn’t know it.

Do you track your kilometers or miles each month? Did you run today?

PS. Thank you TartanJogger for inspiring me to do this.




5 thoughts on “Final recap of my Running off Christmas Challenge

    1. I just converted your miles to km’s and it is 1689.811 km. WOW! Good for you. I won’t be able to keep up running like I did last month. My foot is saying no today!


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