2013 Relived

Happy New Year peeps!

I have spent this morning reading fellow bloggers recaps of 2013 and their year of running. They should all be proud at what they accomplished and it made me think that I should do a post like that too. But where would I start? I am not sure of my favorite race or which one or ones I did the best or worst at. So, I will summarize my year with a little bit of everything.

Me at the finish of my first 8k race in January 2013
Me at the finish of my first 8k race in January 2013

I had a great year of running and feel good about my races. I was happy to be able to run and for the most part injury free. I am working on getting my heel good to go for this year even though today I am struggling to just walk.

I learned that following the Paleo diet and not eating grains while being a runner didn’t work for me. I had cement like feeling legs and felt like I was barely moving while running. The positive side though was that we learned some new recipes and we still incorporate them into our meals even though we didn’t stick with it completely.

I joined the Frontrunners Run Club in January and I am happy for that. I have met some really great people who inspire me to run faster. Our Wednesday night workouts are speed and interval training which is good for me. I wouldn’t do that on my own so I am happy for the motivation and encouragement. I also love that when I go to different running events that I know people now and it is like a big social event.

I went cross-country skiing for the first time in March with Grace when I visited her in Calgary. It was so much fun and something that I look forward to trying again. I have enjoyed all the workouts we have done together when she comes back to Victoria to visit. More of those to come in 2014 and maybe I will head back to Calgary for a visit.

Grace and I
Grace and I

I found new people to run with and I love it. I met Cindy at run club and she and I have become good friends. She has inspired to run my first marathon after she ran the New York Marathon in November this past year. She also introduced me to Kendra and Erinn who I look forward to getting to know better and run with this year. And there is Ann, who has shown me new trails and it has been fun getting to know her. More trail exploring awaits us.

In September I went on my first backpacking hike with my co-worker Tanya. That was an experience that I won’t soon forget and was a lot of fun even though it poured rain. We only made it one night out of the two or three it could have been but we will be back to conquer it this year and hopefully in drier weather.

Hiking the JDF trail
Hiking the JDF trail

I decided in October to start the journey of becoming a personal trainer. I have taken my CPR and First Aid course but that is as far as I have got so far. With the holiday’s and my family visiting I decided to wait until January to start my first course so I could commit the time to it that I need to for studying.

Warren and I had a great year of travelling and exploring. We found new to us trails and races for running as well as revisiting ones we already loved . We enjoyed date nights and trying out new restaurants. We went to Disneyland and California Adventure for the first time and loved it. We hiked various mountains and enjoyed going back to Mt. Finlayson to do our application video for Amazing Race Canada Season 2. We didn’t make it on the show but we had fun applying and will try again next year.

Me at California Adventure
Me at California Adventure

And last but not least I am happy for the friendships that I have formed with my fellow bloggers and readers this past year. I am enjoying getting to know each one of you and look forward to reading about your adventures in 2014. I am also excited that my idea of the Around the World Blogging Relay 2014 has been a positive one and so many are on board. I look forward to running with you.

The year was a great one and filled with many great memories and moments. Let’s see what fun 2014 brings for us.

How was your 2013?


7 thoughts on “2013 Relived

  1. It was nice meeting you as well! I am up for some runs in 2014….already got my first one out of the way this am. Kendra is getting irritated with me as I got a new run app for my blackberry. I know you would appreciate it. It shows splits, elevation and tracks weekly km. It even automatically pauses when I stop to stretch or make up an excuse for needing to stretch when usually its because I just need a break.


    1. Sounds like a cool app and yes I would like it. I just don’t run with my phone so I am happy that my Garmin will tell me my distance and then I can track it.

      Once my heel feels better we can plan a weekend run. Or maybe I meet you for an early one before work on a flex day or something. We will plan.

      Happy New Year.


  2. I am floored by the photo of you wearing a t-shirt while cross-country skiing! It’s never been remotely warm enough for me to wear anything less than 3 layers when I go skiing (way up north).


    1. Well, I was in Calgary and they were having a chinook so it was warm. I did start out with layers but soon warmed up when moving. It was nice and not a typical day skiing. 🙂


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