2014 Goals

So, what does 2014 bring me for goals and things I want to achieve? Warren and I had a chat about these things over our appetizer at home on New Year’s Eve and these are what I came up with…plus a few more I have thought of after the fact.


  • Take even a second off each of my 2013 Island Series race times. There are eight races in the series and it starts on January 12th with an 8k run.
  • Run the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon on May 18th in Halifax, NS. It will be my first marathon and I would like to finish in 3:31 but would be happy if I completed the race in under 4 hours.
  • Track my monthly running totals to see how far I actually do run in a month
  • Run Around the World with fellow bloggers in March and April and see what kind of record we can set for the most distance bloggers run in two months
  • Quick feet

Personal Development:

  • Complete the process of becoming a personal trainer over the next year
  • Try something new and be open to new things. Not sure what those things are but I will keep open mind and be ready for anything.
  • Do something that challenges me at work


  • Try and post once a day

    Beautiful sunflowers
    Beautiful sunflowers
  • Have my own domain name and a new site that reflects who I am
  • Keep up to date with what my fellow bloggers are doing and comment more


  • Ask Patti to set me up with a new workout routine at the gym in January
  • Get myself back at the gym and lifting weights 2-3 times a week
  • Eat less sweets. Limit myself to one a month and make it count.
  • Continue to support and encourage others who want to make the change to a healthy lifestyle. I will be support for anyone if they just ask.
  • Injury free and healthy

Marriage (last but not least):

  • Continue to grow and explore new places with my best friend
  • Keep our lines of communication open
  • Have fun and laugh lots
  • Help motivate and encourage
  • Go on more road trips

I am sure there are more goals for 2014 that will come to mind or just pop up as the year goes on but for now these are some of them. I will do my best to complete all and give them the dedication and determination they deserve.

Did you write out your 2014 goals? If so share a few with me.


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