Acupuncture Round 2

This morning I had my second acupuncture appointment with Gwen and this time she did some different things with needles.

When I first arrived we talked about my last session and how I was feeling after it. I filled her in and she asked more questions before I laid down on the table. She checked my pulse and instead having me get under the covers she had me lay on top of the bed and just pulled my pant legs up so she could get to areas below my knees.

One of the first things Gwen mentioned that she wanted to do was poke a thicker needle, on each of my big toes, just below my toe nail and draw blood. It is called blood-letting and it allows the old blood to move out of our body and move new blood to the area. It helps my Qi (pronounced Chi). When she first told me what she was going to do I was scared and pictured a needle as thick as a tooth pick being poked in my big toe. I thought I could feel pain already even before it happened. But to my surprise when she did it wasn’t like that at all. It was better than having the needles put in my heels.

I then flipped over and she went to work placing needles in my calves, heels, hands and on back just below my neck. She worked on firing the motor points in my gastrocnemius which is a part of my calf muscle. When she put the needles into my calf I could feel a twitch or “firing” of the muscles. It was weird and the feeling startled me at first. She put 3 or 4 needles just in my right heel and only one in my left since it isn’t as sore. Before she left me to rest she put a heat lamp on my legs which felt nice as I chilled.

My calf and foot taped up
My calf and foot taped up

I got quite relaxed and almost fell asleep once but would then wake from the sensations in body. I wasn’t as tense this time as I was for the first session which was nice so that made it easier.


My right calf still feels different and I have been done the treatment now for a few hours. I have other parts of my body where she put needles feeling different too but I know that it is OK and a good thing. Strange and neat at the same time how the feeling stays with me.

My next session is Tuesday evening after work and she will do something different again then. Before I left today though she used Kenetic tape to tape up my calf and under my foot. It will hopefully help with support and make things better too.

I also went on the search for Crocs at Walmart after my session but they only had size 5 and I need at least a 10 or 11. (Yes, I have big feet!) Guess this isn’t the time of year to buy them but I will keep looking. I know some of you have mentioned that Birkenstocks will work too but I was hoping to find something not so expensive just to wear at home.

If you wear Crocs where do you buy them?

5 thoughts on “Acupuncture Round 2

  1. Thanks for the follow up, sounds like an interesting experience. My birkenstocks have lasted ages too, so you definitely get a lot of value even though they cost a lot.


  2. first of all I can’t believe Walmart have no bigger sizes for crocs…not good, frustrating. Another thing that surprises me in reading your post is that you did not feel any pain from your acupuncture treatment…especially when needle was inserted right below your toe nail…it is either the one conducting the procedure was so gentle or the technique does not really hurt at all as what I have also read here i am starting to be convinced that acupuncture does not hurt at all. I’ve got mixed feelings about it honestly, but I guess it is time to overcome my wish me luck.


    1. Hi Bessie,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      Walmart does typically carry larger sizes but it was at the end of the season when I was looking.
      Gwen is good at what she does but I think it also depends on your pain tolerance. It doesn’t hurt but some places do hurt more than other but the pain disappears.

      I would recommend trying it and let me know how it goes. You can also ask the person to take them out if you don’t like it.


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