Green trails

Me and Mar
Me and Mar

Warren and I got our mountain bikes last year in August and we had never taken them out on the trails. That probably sounds crazy to those of you who mountain bike regularly but I am new to riding one. I wanted to see what it was like to ride the bike and get to know the gears on the road and the Galloping Goose before I hit the trails.

Yesterday was a beautiful day again and I asked Warren if we could go to Hartland and ride the trails. He was game and I was happy for that. I had never been to there before so I was excited to see what they were like. We put the bikes on the back of the car after lunch and away we went.

When we arrived at the parking lot there were a lot of cars in the lot with bike racks on the back. We unloaded the bikes and I followed Warren to the start of the trail. He has owned a bike before and rode about 15 years ago.

As we headed down the little trail to get to the main trails I was laughing  at first because it was a new feeling and I was excited to do something new (which is one of my 2014 goals). But then I soon got scared. I came to some bigger rocks than I was used to riding over so I wasn’t sure what it would feel like to go over them and how to handle the bike. I came to puddles, roots, ice and more unknown to me. I felt out of control and didn’t know what my bike was going to do. Once I got close to the edge of the path as I turned a corner and thought I was going to fall over. So many things in the first five minutes of my ride and my heart was already pumping. I was tired and unsure if I would be able to make it.

Varying degrees of difficulty
Varying degrees of difficulty

We stopped to check out the map that was at the start of the main trails. I told Warren that I wanted to do something simple and he was good with that too. He needed to ease into riding as well and get the feel of the bike again. From my ride the other day I had figured out the best gear for me to be in to ride up the steep hills so that was good but when riding on the road you don’t have to fight with rocks and roots. This was something new to me and what was my bike going to do. It felt like I was going so slow at some points that I would fall over. Such a scary feeling for me since my shoes are clipped into my peddles.

Warren and Cas
Warren and Cas

We stuck to the green routes or the fire roads and I was more than happy with that. The trails we were on had rolling hills with some rocks and roots but nothing too crazy or technical. The bunny hill of mountain biking I guess you could say. We had been out for a while when we decided that it was time for us to make our way back towards the car. My hands were getting tired because I had been riding the brakes so much. Who knew you got such a hand workout from it. HA!

We made it back safe and sound to the car and I enjoyed myself. I look forward to going back and checking the trails out again. I think for a while I will stick to the green runs until I get more confident on them. I mentioned to Warren that it would be nice to go and walk the trails one day just so I can see what a blue or black diamond run look like before I take my bike down one.  I also thought the trails would be great for running if you were training to do an ultra trail run. They would be a good challenge and there would be so many new trails to explore.

If you have ridden at Hartland what color trails do you ride on? Or what color trails do you ride on in your neck of the woods.


4 thoughts on “Green trails

    1. Running you have a bit more control if you slow down on them. I worry about my ankles on those kind of trails. But love them at the same time. So much fun and not just feet hitting the pavement.


    1. If I was younger and it didn’t take so long to recover from an injury I may have been more carefree. But there are too many other things that I want to be able to do so staying safe is the only way to go.

      I would say give it a try but just take the green or easy routes. 🙂


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