Pool Time

I spent Friday and Saturday on my mountain bike so on Sunday I wanted to do something different for a workout. Gwen mentioned at my first acupuncture treatment that swimming would be good for me. I had been swimming back in 2012 at the Juan de Fuca Rec Centre so I checked the schedule to see what was happening. The pool opened at 9:00am on Sunday for Leisure and Lengths. I asked Warren if he was interested in going with me and after some consideration he said “yes”. I think it was mostly because it was cold and frosty outside for running but either way though I was glad that he wanted to go.

We arrived, paid our drop-in fee and made our way to the change rooms. There weren’t many people in the pool when we arrived but as time went on more people came. Warren and I went to a smaller lap pool that was just off the kids play area. I am not a fast or very strong swimmer because I haven’t kept up my swimming skills but I can hold my own. I had never seen Warren swim so this was a first for me.

I started out doing freestyle and switched to work on my back stroke. I would count four laps doing one style and then switch to the other. I also would run the length of the pool because it was only one meter deep so walking or running was an option. It was fun and hard at the same time. I would switch and run backwards as well. We were in the pool for an hour and had some fun. Warren was glad that he went and it was nice to change things up.

As we were leaving I stopped at the front desk again and signed myself up for a one month pass to the rec centre. Since I am not able to run right now I have decided January and five days into February I will work on my swimming skills. It will be good for me to change-up my workouts and work different muscles. I also hope that my calves, arches and heels will like me better too.

I started back to work today so last night before I went to bed I got all of my things ready I would need and even prepared our lunches so I could sleep a bit later. When I got up this morning I had some coffee, made some hard-boiled eggs, got dressed and left. I was out the door about 5:40am. The pool opened at 6:00am and I was in it by 6:10am.

I went back to the same pool I had been in yesterday because there was the Masters Swim happening in the other pool. There was one man in the pool at the time so I had time to be slow and work on my technique. He said good morning as we passed each other and by the end of my swim (50 minutes later), I had introduced myself and found out his name is Murray. There was another lady who came mid-way through my swim and I found out her name is Judy. I introduced myself because I am sure I will chat with them some more over the month and I figured why not know their names.

It was a great way to start my morning and so happy to be at the pool. Tomorrow morning I will go back and this time my friend Robynne will be there because she swims on Tuesday mornings.

Do you have swimming as part of your training? Do you do it when you can’t run?

9 thoughts on “Pool Time

      1. I’m miles away from a pool, but I should make more of an effort when I can, that’s for sure! My nephews are all proper water babies!!


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